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  Looking for part 30342
Posted by: A. Pasello - 2011-09-17, 15:23 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (4)

Hi, i'm new here. I'm building the Imperial Star Destroyer with MLCad. The work is about 90% complete, but i cannot find the part 30342 aka "Rock Bottom with Craters" (Peeron link). It is a piece of the deflector shield generator domes on the top of the turret. I cannot find it in this list, so i think it has not been created yet. Am I wrong?
Did someone create it? If not, is someone going to create it?
I would like to help but i don't know how.

Thank you for your time.

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  Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad
Posted by: HanSolo - 2011-09-17, 11:28 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (4)

i've made in the last few weeks a list of bugs/suggestions for MLCad. Maybe there are few things, which are already corrected or possible, but I just didn't know. I hope I can help you with that:

  • The undo-function (Ctrl + Z) doesn't work for me!
  • Give the possibility to fix single parts on the grid, so that to move them (as long as not unfixed again) is not possible. It always happen to me, that i move some parts by accident, and especially when I put the "fine grid" on, it is very cumbersome to move the part back to position.
  • To handle the 3D-View is very complicated. The position should be changed, when using the mouse, only in two directions (like it is handled in LDView) or at least the possiblity should be given in the settings. In my opinion the third direction, which makes it possible to slope the view is practically of little use.
  • When putting new parts on to the grid from the parts-list, the new part should be orientated to the actual last part, which was placed. For example, it is also possible to place a part, by copying one from the grid or orientate the new part by a selected one on the grid. But when you put a new part from the list on to the grid, the position of the last part, which was copied or orientetated by selecting an other one is ignored. Instead the new part is given the same orientation of the last part, which also put directly from the parts-list on to the grid.
    So, if your last part was part is not exactly on the grid, because you rotated and it and it is in a sloping position, you always have to realign the new part, by editing the position manually, what is very time-consuming. Maybe there should also be a possibility to realign the new part with one click to standard-position.
  • Give the possibility, to select single parts in 3D-View, maybe by left double-clicking. Because it is often not possible to select a part by the other views (because other parts are in the way). This would make many things much easier!
  • Also give the possibilty to change the rotation-point of the 3D View by selecting a part.
  • If you use the scrollbars to align the view in the 3D-View and then use the mouse to rotate, the the view always jumps back starting position, so you have always to scroll again.
  • If no part is selected the arrow keys could be used, to scroll the view.
  • When selecting more than one part if is not possibile to select an other part, which is already in the range of selection but not already selected.
  • The parts in the parts-list could be grouped by model, because it the list is far too long (if you want to select brick 1x2 you have to scrol down brick 1x1, brick 1x1 with blue "0", brick 1x1 with blue "1", .... and hundreds of others.). At least there should be the possiblity in the settings.
  • simple search-strings should be allowed, when searching for parts
  • Sometimes the search-function (especially continue searching) doesn't work, even if the parts-list or parts-preview windows are selected.

I also have some questions Smile:
  • Is there a key to place a part in the Y-direction? (the arrowkeys are for X and Z)
  • How can i change the color of the parts in the parts-list?
  • What is the shortcut for dissolving a group?

Thank you for creating and developing MLCAD further!


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  LDDP user questions
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-14, 22:43 - Forum: Parts Author Tools - Replies (19)

I'm beginning a ground up rewrite of LDDP in order to take advantage of new language features and cross platform technology. Before I get too far, I have a few questions ask the LDDP users:

  • What is your preference for interface: Multiple document windows or tabbed browsing?
  • Error check as a separate window or integrated into the margin of the document?

I had a few more but I seem to be drawing a blank right now. I'll ask if I remember.

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  pdf or dwg revvit drawings
Posted by: joe - 2011-09-14, 20:55 - Forum: Help - Replies (1)

Is there a way to take revit drawings or pdfs of architechtural drawings of our building and have them import into ldraw and make a lego building out of it..that we can build ourselves?

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Posted by: Stan Isachenko - 2011-09-14, 16:46 - Forum: Rendering Techniques - Replies (7)

Hello. I need some help. I tried a lot of different HDRI lightprobes, but I can't fined that i need.
1. I need bright room lightprobe.
2. How I can config floor when I use it.
I need bright shiny reflecting floor like this. When I don't use HDRi I can change it. But when I use it I can't. I turned off reflections and shadow from lightprobe, but it useless.
Help me please.

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  Missing Parts
Posted by: Thomas - 2011-09-13, 18:26 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (4)

Hello at all

I want to build the Imperial Trading Post (Set 6277-1) and i'm missing the pattern on the part 2552.
At Peeron's webpage i've searched for this parts and found six other Parts ( Peeron-Link )

Is it possible to get the parts listed below with pattern?

2552px3 ( Baseplate 32 x 32 Raised with Ramp and Pit with DkGray Rocks and Blue Base Pattern ),
2552px4 ( Baseplate 32 x 32 Raised with Ramp and Pit with Green Circles and Blue Base Pattern ),
2552px5 ( Baseplate 32 x 32 Raised with Ramp and Pit with Gray and Black Rocks Pattern ),
2552px6 ( Baseplate 32 x 32 Raised with Ramp and Pit with Gray and DkGray Rocks Pattern )


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  LDView - feature request
Posted by: Willy Tschager - 2011-09-13, 8:25 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (4)


it would be nice if I could save my LDView settings (camera position, zoom, FOV, lights, prefs, ... with a spot on the POV export settings) to my .ldr or .mpd. It is really annoying if you have to recreate everything from scratch every time you open a file you have already worked on.


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  LSynth : "Add comand..." not activated... : fixed
Posted by: Fabrice Vion - 2011-09-12, 16:22 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (5)


I have a problem to use LSynth in ML Cad. The command "Add command..." (in Extras/LSynth) isn't activated (it's grey and not black). It used to work fine, so I don't understand which condition is missing today.

Could somebody help me ?
Thanks in advance,

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  Lego Universe is now free - another source of parts?
Posted by: Reuben Pearse - 2011-09-11, 21:02 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (15)

Lego Universe is now available as a free download.


I had some fun playing this with my kids this week :-)
Some of the control panels in the game are quite similar to the GUI in Lego Digital Designer

It has it's own 3D rendering engine. From reading around it looks like it's based on GameBryo???

I'm wondering if it maybe another possible source of LDraw parts e.g.
- extract 3D models information from Lego Universe client install files
- use something like 3DVIA Printscreen to capture the 3D information whilst the game is running

Bye for now

Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:

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  Offical Model Repository Specification
Posted by: Roland Melkert - 2011-09-10, 16:57 - Forum: Standards Board - Replies (6)

As requested I forwarded the new Model Repository Specification, see also public threads:



The Offical Model Repository Specification
Version: 1.0.0 Draft
Ratified: XX/XX/XXXX
Author: Orion Pobursky

The Official Model Repository (OMR) is a database of file in the LDraw File Format describing models that are released as sets by LEGO®.

For consistency between models and ease of indexing by software, a standard for the file headers, names, and hierarchy in the OMR is needed. This document will outline the extra requirements (in addition to those set forth in the current LDraw File Format specification) for a model to be included in the OMR

Base Requirements:
All files in the model will conform to the current LDraw File Format

Base File Naming:
Each model in the OMR will consist of several files that are packaged together into a single MPD file. For sets that include instructions for multiple models, each model will have its own MPD file. Each MPD for the set will be named in the following manner:

<Set Number> - <Set Name> - <Sub Model Name>

<Set Number>: the number assigned on the container of the set
<Set Name>: The name of the set printed on the container in Australian English
<Sub Model Name>: This is Optional in most cases. This is required for alternate models that are detailed in instructions (e.g. the Creator theme). In this case the naming is left to the discretion of the author but should be descriptive of the model contained in the MPD.

For playsets or other sets where there are multiple models that are part of an integral whole, all of the submodels will be contained in one MPD.

The creator set 4896 - Roaring Roadsters has 3 models in the instructions:
Set 4896 - Roaring Roadsters - Roadster.mpd
Set 4896 - Roaring Roadsters - Dragster.mpd

MPD File Structure
The MPD will conform to the MPD File Specification.

Each filename will have the structure:
<Set Number> - <Optional Qualifier> - <Individual filename>
<Set Number> is the the number printed on the model's container
<Optional Qualifier> is a sequential number, starting with 1, added if there are more than one sets that could be assigned <Set Number>.
<Individual filename> is up to the discretion of the author with the following guidance:
- A logical naming scheme is highly desired.
- Individual models in the set (e.g. a vehicle or minifig) shall have their own separate file inside the MPD.
- Minifig file name should have the name of the character, if known

The unofficial parts are allowed to be used. The filename of the unofficial part is subject to the naming rules above (e.g. 33056.dat would be renamed to <MPD Filename> - 33956.dat). It is highly encouraged that any parts created for use in a OMR file be submitted to the LDraw.org Parts Tracker.

If a part is unavailable either officially or on the LDraw.org Parts Tracker, a suitable substitution may be made. If the unavailable part is a patterned part with an unpatterned version available use the unpatterned version. A comment should be inserted stating that a substitution has been made or, if no substitution is available/suitable, that a piece has been omitted. Reference the step and page number of the instructions if possible.

0 // The next piece should have the Star Wars Hatch pattern per step X on page Y
0 // Bionicle piece X should go here per step Y on page Z

File Headers
Each individual model file in the MPD must have a standard header format.

Standard Header:
0 FILE <Filename>.ldr
0 <Individual filename>
0 Name: <Filename>.ldr
0 Author: <Author Name> [Username]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Model -OR- 0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Model
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt

0 !THEME Theme name
0 !KEYWORDS words, more words,…,
0 !KEYWORDS words in second row, …, final words

0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD [Username] Free text description of change. This can wrap to a
0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD [Username] second row with the same date if necessary. However authors should lean toward writing longer
0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD [Username] single !HISTORY lines(and not feel constrained to the historic 80-character limit on line length)

<Filename>: The name of the file using the rules specified in the MPD File Structure section
<Individual filename>: The name of the individual file using the rules specified in the MPD File Structure section
<Author Name>: The name of the author. Real full names (first and last) are required by the LDraw.org Contributer's Agreement
[Username]: The LDraw.org username of the author
Optional commands are !THEME, !KEYWORDS, and !HISTORY

0 FILE 4896 - Roadster Main.ldr
0 Roadster Main
0 Name: 4896 - Roadster Main.ldr
0 Author: Joe Smith [jsmith]
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Model
0 !LICENSE Redistributable under CCAL version 2.0 : see CAreadme.txt

0 !THEME Creator
0 !KEYWORDS car, convertible

0 !HISTORY 2011-08-01 [jsmith] Initial creation

META commands:
All META commands are allowed in the model file but not specifically required except as specified for the header. If included, any META commands used should enable any instructions generated to be as close to the official instructions as possible.

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