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  Rotation matrix
Posted by: Michael Horvath - 2 hours ago - Forum: LDraw File Processing and Conversion - Replies (2)

How do I calculate the cumulative sum or total of transformation matrices passed down from parent to child to grandchild, etc.?

The docs say:

Quote:Formally, the transformed point (u', v', w') can be calculated from point (u, v, w) as follows:
u' = a*u + b*v + c*w + x
v' = d*u + e*v + f*w + y
w' = g*u + h*v + i*w + z

but they do not say what a', b', c', d', etc. are. I am not very good with matrices, thanks!

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  Part Tracker AWOL?
Posted by: Philippe Hurbain - Yesterday, 18:48 - Forum: Website Suggestions/Requests/Discussion - Replies (1)

Whenever I click on a part in activity list, I get something like "File 'parts/65418.dat' was not found in Unofficial parts library."

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  Organic Parts
Posted by: Gerald Lasser - 2020-02-21, 23:12 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (4)

I wanted to check with you, who has used LDPE to produce "organic parts" which are only in system given their bounding box.

I selected the Correlian Hound (36032) to try modelling my first part.

So far this is the result I can share no. It went pretty smooth, actually smoother than I thought I have to say. Now the touching up of the tail part and the modeling of the head is pending.

My approach was to take orthogonal pictures and trace the main lines with triangles in LDPC, import those into LDPE and move the vertices around...

Anybody having a different approach?


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  I used LDraw files and LDCad to train an AI program to recognize bricks
Posted by: Jacob Sullivan - 2020-02-21, 22:13 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (4)

Big shout out to the LDRAW community and Roland Melkert for LDCad! And Rebrickable!
I trained a machine learning algorithm to recognize pictures of bricks, using an animation I made in LDCad. With a parts list from Rebrickable. And parts from LDraw of course. 
My ideal scenario is to grab a handful of bricks, toss them on the table, take a picture, and have the program catalog the pieces.

I put all the how-to details in an article on medium. https://towardsdatascience.com/machine-l...12e0544012
I am working on some other ideas for machine learning brick projects. And it would be cool if people have feedback or wanted to collaborate.

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  Cannot run the POV for the file from LDRAW
Posted by: jass - 2020-02-21, 9:06 - Forum: Rendering Techniques - No Replies

I updated the new LDRAW ALL IN version. There is no problem in the modeling by MLCAD. But when I run the POV file exported from LDRAW, the wrong message is as below.
I checked the before POV file made by old LDRAW ALL IN version, there is no problem. I don't know if there is any option need to setup. Thanks a lot.

Parse Error: No matching } in ‘texture’, undeclared identifier 'lg_gold_chrome' found instead

#ifndef (LDXColor334) // Chrome Gold
#declare LDXColor334 = #if (version >= 3.1) material { #end
texture {
#if (version >= 3.1) } #end
#declare LDXColor334_slope = #if (version >= 3.1) material { #end
texture {
#if (LDXQual > 1) normal { bumps 0.3 scale 25*0.02 } #end
#if (version >= 3.1) } #end

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  Writing a parser
Posted by: Michael Horvath - 2020-02-20, 22:36 - Forum: LDraw File Processing and Conversion - Replies (9)

I'm starting to write my own parser that will convert an MPD file to JSON format.

Are the FILE, Name:, Author:, !LICENSE, ROTATION properties case-sensitive? Will they always be the same case as I typed them or should I ignore case?


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  Double click oops
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2020-02-19, 3:28 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (8)

In case anyone has wondered what happens when you accidentally double click a part in the parts bin after a Select All:


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  Interactive Town Scene
Posted by: Michael Horvath - 2020-02-19, 2:59 - Forum: MOCs (My Own Creations) - No Replies

I know I have posted this before, but I've been making the Datsville HD render more interactive.

[Image: 49555063436_7519970cec_c.jpg]


You can click on the buildings (only one so far) and a popup blurb will appear with a message from a Datsville resident.

Not sure how much further I will go with this. It depends on how much I can automate the process, since I plan on making further revisions to Datsville itself too.

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  Parts Request: Dogs
Posted by: Batareikin - 2020-02-16, 11:58 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies


Part request


Dog Husky with Black Eyes, Black Nose Print and Marbled Dark Bluish Gray Ears and Back Pattern

Dog with Black Eyes, Black Nose Print and Marbled Black Ears and Back Pattern

German Shepherd variants

Dog - Alsatian / German Shepherd with Dalmatian Print

Dog - Alsatian / German Shepherd with Black Eyes, Nose and Fur Print

Dog - German Shepherd [Police Dog] with Black Eyes and Forehead Print  ???

Dog - Alsatian / German Shepherd With Black Nose and Ears, White Around Mouth


Dog Terrier with Black Eyes and Nose and Pink Tongue Print

Dog Terrier with Black Eyes and Nose and Light Bluish Grey Fur Lines Print (Toto)

French Bulldog
? https://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?s=29602

Dog - French Bulldog, Grumpy Face with Black Nose and Pink Tongue Print
? https://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.c...602p01.dat

Dog - French Bulldog - Grumpy Face with Black Nose and Mouth - White Spot on Forehead Print

Dog - French Bulldog


Dog - Dachshund, Black Eyes Nose and Print

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  Help me figure out a math/measurement problem
Posted by: N. W. Perry - 2020-02-16, 4:57 - Forum: Help - Replies (5)

I found a measurement discrepancy in set 21004 between the LDraw version and the real thing. I know that sometimes things don't work out precisely between the two, but in this case there's a mismatch of exactly 4 LDU, and I'm trying to pinpoint why.

This involves the rotunda section with its stacked 6x6 dishes and 4x4 round plates, and the 6L axle that supports it. Here are the precepts:

  • The 6L axle has a length of 120 LDU, nominally equal to 48mm in real life.
  • As we know, plate height is 8 LDU (12 with the studs), so two stacked plates are 16 LDU high (20 with studs).
  • The center of the 6x6 dish has the ordinary plate height of 8 LDU, and the cavity adds another 8 LDU, making it equal to two stacked plates in height.
  • As a result, the 4x4 round plate sits entirely flush within the 6x6 dish.
  • Per the instructions, and confirmed in the physical set that I own, the 4x4 round plate at the top of the assembly sits fully within the uppermost 6x6 dish, and the bottoms of both that dish and the 4x4 dish should be at equal height.
  • The axle hole in the 4x4 dish is 12 LDU deep.
So, here's an image showing the problem; the axle assembly and the stacked dishes are shown offset for clarity, but at their correct vertical position:

As you can see, the 4x4 dish and plate at the top are 4 LDU too high, because the rest of the assembly is only 104 LDU high rather than the necessary 108. Where is that extra 4 LDU coming from?

I thought perhaps the axle hole in the 4x4 dish should be 16 deep instead of 12, but a rough measurement of the real part suggests that 12 is correct. All of the dishes seem to be modeled at their correct height, too, so the only thing I can think of is the axle. Indeed, measuring the real axle shows that it's just a bit over 47mm long, not 48. It may even be 47.2mm, leaving it 2 LDU short of its theoretical length, but that still leaves another 2 LDU to account for. Could the height of the embossed stud logo account for that (see the 2x2 round plates at the bottom), or just the natural physical play between parts?

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