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  Issue with AIOI 2018-01
Posted by: Simon Denscombe - 7 hours ago - Forum: All Other Programs. - Replies (2)

I downloaded the AIOI 2018-01 and installed by accepting all the defaults.

LDView opens and renders Cafe Corner correctly.

However when I open LDCAD I get the following:

LDCAD 1.6a Error
can't open file 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\LDraw\complete.zip' (error 2:the system cannot find the file specified.)

I have checked that file path and the file does not exist.

Any ideas?  This is on a fresh PC that hasn't had any LDraw applications installed on it before.  Operating System is Windows 10 1703 64-Bit.

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  LPub3D 2.2 released but ...
Posted by: David Manley - Yesterday, 8:32 - Forum: LDraw File Processing and Conversion - No Replies

Lpub3D has been updated to version 2.2. However, I'd be wary of installing it.

I downloaded and installed it (Windows 7, 32 bit). I encountered the following issues;
1) when using LDView as the renderer, if the checkbox for rendering multiple files is ticked (in Preferences), LDView prompts me for a file to open. This does not happen when processing the instruction's image single file at a time. N.B. the LDView being invoked is the custom one distributed with LPub3D rather than the LDView installed from the AIOI.
2) Selecting POV-Ray as the render results in no parts appearing in the parts list nor any assembly images
3) Some parts are not getting displayed in the instruction (e.g. PF medium motor) rather than being displayed faded.
4) The uninstall program claims LPub3D is not installed. Further, the program is not listed as a program which can be uninstalled via the control panel.

I'm now going to try to revert back to 2.0.20, as it seems to be the most stable release.



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  Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a
Posted by: Jens Bauer - 2018-03-19, 12:22 - Forum: Parts Authoring - No Replies

Hi all.

This is my first submission (and first forum post).

I've submitted a new part; the original 4.5V electric technic motor from 1977 with 2 subparts:
Electric Technic Motor 4.5V
Electric Technic Motor 4.5V Core
Electric Technic Motor 4.5V Shaft

I'm hoping to reserve a subpart name for a special variant of this, which is quite rare.
The subpart I'd like is an arrow, which is on top of some of the motors (these have a nylon bearing and never squeak).

My work is strongly derived from Chris Dee's work; I only made (calculated) changes by hand to the .dat files using a text-editor.

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  worth to post a model on 'LEGO ideas'
Posted by: Joscha - 2018-03-18, 8:27 - Forum: MOCs (My Own Creations) - Replies (4)


Since a few weeks I am clicking around for lego stuff and found the Lego ideas page. I had a look on the proposed models there. Some are really nice i.e. the LL928 comes home.

But after all Lego has to give her approval. Looking over the approved models (so those ones which gathered already 10k votes) it is hard for me say why this one and not the other one. I mean, obviously Lego is a Company and has to follow their market strategy. That is understandable.

But, is it really worth to post a model there? Have you done it already? Would you do it again.

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  Bricksmith and Allen Smith
Posted by: Ben Supnik - 2018-03-17, 14:48 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (1)

Hi Y'all,

I've been in stealth mode for a while now, but I wanted to stick my head up to see if anyone knows how to contact Allen Smith.

I've been steadily maintaining Bricksmith for myself (e.g. fixing crash bugs) and was thinking a point release to update it for modern versions of Mac OS X would be a win. But I haven't heard from Allen in years -- I lost email contact with him around when he stopped posting on these forums.

If anyone who has been around LDraw for a while knows how to reach Allen directly, please contact me. I'd like to ping him before doing anything as drastic as a hard fork of Bricksmith.


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  61190d Minifig, Helmet Rangefinder
Posted by: Tom Vanhaelen - 2018-03-15, 11:45 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (2)

This part does not seem to be anywhere in the official and unofficial parts library. I spefically need it to complete my instructions for a Biggs Darklighter Brickhead (https://flic.kr/s/aHsmajqkJ3). Anyone working on this by any chance?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  LeoCAD 3DS export
Posted by: Michael Horvath - 2018-03-15, 3:41 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (7)

I have been happily converting small and medium-sized models to 3DS using LeoCAD, and then viewing them in MeshLab. However, the large models I have tried to load have caused MeshLab to spawn an "Opening Failure" error and not load the models. Here is a model:


I don't know if it's a problem with LeoCAD or MeshLab, but assume it's the latter. Here is the mailing list thread I created on this topic:


Hopefully I get a response. Do any of you know of other free programs beside MeshLab I can use to verify the model is not broken somehow? Thanks.

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  LDraw.org becomes a RLOC - Recognized LEGO Online Community
Posted by: Willy Tschager - 2018-03-15, 0:49 - Forum: LDraw.org Announcements - Replies (7)


back in January we applied to become a RLOC - Recognized LEGO Online Community and approval has been granted. The SteerCo has since appointed Max Martin Richter as LDraw's Ambassador at the LAN - LEGO Ambassador Network.

As you know independence is key to us and we will carefully observe if and how this very small but fine community is affected by :-) Most benefit can be drawn from the direct link when it comes down to part numbers and colors.

Furthermore there are plans for a IRL-meeting where being a recognized community is a must. Stay tuned.


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  LDView 3DS export
Posted by: Michael Horvath - 2018-03-14, 9:42 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (8)

I am trying to export a model in 3DS format using LDView. However, when I view the model in Meshlab, it looks very messed up with missing faces and holes and so forth. Is this an issue with LDView or Meshlab do you think? Thanks.

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

.mpd   ldr_red_rock_racer_new.mpd (Size: 6.86 KB / Downloads: 4)
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  no permission for my private messages
Posted by: Joscha - 2018-03-14, 7:50 - Forum: Help - Replies (2)


I had Problems registering to this Forum because I never got the activation email. Willy helped me. I can post threads and I can Reply to them but if I try to see my private Messages it says that I do not have permission to see this page.

Need help


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