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  Does anyone know what 125 Light_Orange is?
Posted by: Ryan Howerter - Yesterday, 1:49 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (3)

As far as I can tell, this is the only color in LDraw that was a prototype color (never produced in sets). Did the info come from Peeron? Has anyone positively identified it in actually-produced parts?



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  Getting the new parts
Posted by: Knud Ahrnell Albrechtsen - 2017-07-25, 5:34 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (2)

I have a question regarding all the new parts made.
I have been to the Latest part page but i doesn't seem to hav ebeen updated since dec 31, 2016.
So if I try downloading the complete.zip, will this contain all the new parts? not including the unofficials ones offcause  Smile 


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  Color Parsing problem
Posted by: Jarema - 2017-07-24, 7:46 - Forum: LDraw File Processing and Conversion - Replies (3)

Hi, again.
When Try parsing 3626bps5.dat my program stop work on this line: 

Quote:4 0x2995220 1.85 7.17 -12.632 1.37 7.41 -12.728 2.33 8.34 -12.537 2.71 8.1 -12.461
How This hexadecimal value 0x2995220 should be translated !? ... Or ... it is bug.

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  New Vehicle Base
Posted by: Christian Maglekær - 2017-07-23, 11:27 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies


It seems that LEGO has made a wide version of 52036. (With a couple plates on the sides)

New part 28324

Picture of underside.

.png   underside_28324.png (Size: 83.55 KB / Downloads: 16)


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  Exporting problem
Posted by: Jonah - 2017-07-21, 0:34 - Forum: Help - Replies (6)

Hi, I need some help. I use Stud.io to build, but I do use the LDraw programs. Here is my problem. I build my model in Stud.io containing sub-models, and then I export it. I then open LIC and load my model, and all the sub-models are missing. But, if I load it into LPub3D, it works just fine and the sub-models are there. When I build something with sub-models in MLCad and load it into LIC, all the sub-models are there(Sub-models also disappear when I import my model into MLCad from Stud.io). I just can't figure out where the problem is, if it's my computer or if it's Stud.io. This started happing to me when I updated Stud.io to version 1.0.0_86(Really wish I didn't) and so far haven't been able to get any help from them...

Many thanks to any help provided.

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  models from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s
Posted by: paulo - 2017-07-20, 20:19 - Forum: Official Models - Replies (2)

i don’t know if this is a repeated thread

since i have a huge nostalgic feeling from the models i had from my childhood (even those from 60’s, still were on sale when i was a child), did anyone tried to start to build and organize these models in .ldr files?

i guess that most of the instructions of these models can be find at http://lego.brickinstructions.com/en/showallyears

i’m starting to index them at:
https://etherpad.net/p/LegoModelsFrom70s (2 models there)

thanks a lot indeed! Smile

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Music [LDPartEditor] 0.8.34 Beta Released (Textedit.Hide&Show / Selection Info / Usability)
Posted by: Nils Schmidt - 2017-07-20, 19:30 - Forum: Parts Author Tools - Replies (12)


here are eight new features and one bug fix with a new version of LDPE for Windows, Linux and Mac Smile

[Image: imgDuke2.png]
As always, you can download LDPE from this page:

(8 new features and 1 bug fix)

With this release you will be able to...

  • ...see some information for the number of currently selected parts in the status bar.
  • ...copy protractor and distance meter values in the clipboard.
  • ...hide/unhide things from the text editor.
  • ...see (in text editor) which lines are currently hidden (you can customise the colour in the options menu).
  • ...use the shortkey "B" to toggle "Move Adjacent Data" (you can customise the key in the options menu).
  • ...control if the mesh reducer tool should not destroy patterns.
  • ..."Draw Only the Selection" (text editor context menu)
  • ..."Draw Until Selection" (text editor context menu)
The following critical issues were fixed:

  1. The undo/redo feature for hidden and shown elements was not correct.
What will the next release 0.8.35 deliver? Better controls for numeric input...

The program was tested intensively with "real world" files.
However, it is still a beta version and something can go wrong in about 100.000 lines of code.

Make sure that you choose the right architecture for your OS and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) (64bit or 32bit).
A short guide how to check if a 64bit JVM is installed on your system is located at the bottom of this message.

  1. Download the zip-Archive
  2. Extract the archive content to the location of your choice
  3. On windows, double-click "run.bat" to start LDPE.
  4. On linux/mac, you have to excecute the shell script "run.sh" to start LDPE.
Please note that this software is in the beta stage. Although, this version was tested, there are already known issues  for this release. There is a potential risk of data loss.

You can search for updates if you do the following steps:

  1. On windows, double-click "update.bat" to search for updates.
  2. On linux, you have to excecute the shell script "update.sh".
I listen carefully to your requests and possible complaints. Please leave me a message, with your thoughts and wishes to further improve the software.

LDPE is a 3D CAD application: The overall system requirements are higher. While I recommend to use a powerful 64-bit multicore system, it could be possible, to run LDPE on older machines as well.

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
  • 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8
  • OpenGL 2.1 compatible Graphics Card
  • Operating System (64-bit): Windows [7 or newer], Linux [e.g. Ubuntu Linux >=14.4], Mac OS X [>=10.6]
  • CPU: Multicore-Processor e.g. Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon II (>2.0Ghz)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Video-Memory: 1 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 100 MB
Recommended Requirements:
  • Operating System (64bit): Windows 7,8,10, Linux [e.g. Ubuntu Linux >=14.4], Mac OS X [>=10.6]
  • OpenGL 3.3 compatible Graphics Card
  • CPU: Multicore-Processor with 4 cores (or more)
  • RAM: >4 GB
  • Video-Memory: >1 GB
  • Free Disk Space: 512 MB
  • For a faster start, LDPartEditor and the LDraw™ library should be installed on an SSD.
How to check your JVM version (32- or 64-bit):

You can try on the command line:

java -d64 version

If it's not a 64-bit version, you'll get a message that looks like:
This Java instance does not support a 64-bit JVM. Please install the desired version.

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  18895 and Audi stickers
Posted by: Nathan S - 2017-07-20, 6:18 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies

Hello gracious part makers.

Does anybody feel like making 18895?  No big deal if not, but it would be nice.

Of more importance to me, could somebody work on some of the stickers from the two Audi Speed Champions sets?  I really am just looking for the Audi logo.

Thank you all.

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  Duplicated subfile?
Posted by: Magnus Forsberg - 2017-07-16, 11:43 - Forum: Parts Authoring - No Replies

Do anyone know, or remember why,  there are two different subfiles to 32086?

32086 use 32086s01.dat twice, in i mirrored position. 
32086ps1 use 551s01.dat once + two different pattern subfiles, 551ps1a and 551ps1b

I want to make 32086ps1 BFC compliant and correct other issues.
My idea is to change both parts, and replace 32086s01 with the content from 551s01. It's the better version.
And I want to inline the two pattern subiles and make them obsolete.

But how do I merge the History of the two subfiles, 32086s01 and 551s01?
What do I do of 551s01? Should it become obsolete too, or do I need to make it a Move to-file?

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  Looking for ooold part references...
Posted by: Philippe Hurbain - 2017-07-13, 9:33 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (2)

I had a look at this oddball model: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.ph...nt=2825330 and noticed that the author uses parts that have disappeared from parts tracker, namely x913 and x914.
Using this query http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/tracker/act...s/x914.dat I see that x914 was renamed as parts/3142s04.dat, but this reference is not available either... and this query http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/tracker/act...142s04.dat doesn't show any delete or file name change, but parts/3142s04.dat is no longer on PT...

Finally, Peeron links x913/x914 to parts 31057/31050 but these are... Duplo dinosaurs !!!????

Any hint???

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