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  Need help
Posted by: yongxu wang - 2017-05-23, 8:55 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (6)

I can't find this part in mlcad . Who knows Who knows its network connection?


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  Lxf to ldr - Chain is not converting
Posted by: Atanas Atanasov - 2017-05-23, 3:49 - Forum: Rendering Techniques - Replies (3)

I am converting a lego model to an .ldr file. However, the chain link models are not converted/present in the export!
Is there a way to export the chain models too?
Otherwise how can I get their models into my .ldr file?

I've created an animation here:

[Image: 6miC0.gif]
I've asked this question in Stackoverflow and more forums, but no one answered me yet! 
Any help will be much, very much appreciated!

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  MAJOR program issues -- maybe Windows related
Posted by: Nathan S - 2017-05-20, 18:42 - Forum: Help - Replies (6)

Greetings all.  I recently got a new computer, so I had to reinstall the whole lot of programs.  It is also my first computer with Windows 10.  I am having a rather huge error with file opening/recognition.

What is happening is that files/builds are not opening and reflecting changes.  I will save changes made, and depending on how the file is opened again it won't reflect the changes made.  For example, if I right-click and "open with" for MLCad, it will not show the updates, but it may if I open MLCad and then select the recent file from the program itself.  Or if I use LDView, it won't show the saved changes, it will only show the file as it was previously.  And there is no consistency to this either, it changes what shows updated and what does not.

I am also having issues with changing the names of a file.  If I make a file named hanger5, then change it later to hanger6 because I already had a file named hanger5 in a different folder.  When I paste in the different hanger5 from the other folder it won't show that hanger5, it will only show the hanger5 that was first saved there.  I have been trying to do a "save as" through a neutral location through the desktop, but now it is telling me I am replacing a file, but it never even shows up in the Models folder.

I use MLCad to build, LDView to review and render.

I have LDraw installed in Program Files (x86).

I was having Windows Security issues when trying to paste files into the Models folder in the LDraw fold, so I had to give full access to all security settings.

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  Another New Theme
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2017-05-20, 1:14 - Forum: Website Suggestions/Requests/Discussion - Replies (6)

I found another new theme for the forums that might be liked better by some. This one is mobile friendly! It will need some modifications to better fit with how we use the forums.

- Go to User CP
- In the sidebar under "Your Profile" click "Edit Options"
- On the right under "Other Options" change "Board Style" to "NetPen"
- Click Update Options

Please let me know what you think.

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  LDraw Installation
Posted by: Travis Cobbs - 2017-05-19, 18:02 - Forum: Help - No Replies

I was going to reply to the other thread, but it is closed.

I'd like to point out that if a user plans to use LDView, but either isn't in Windows, or doesn't want to use the AIOI, then the easiest way to install the latest LDraw library is to install and run LDView. It will ask the user if they want LDView to install the LDraw library, and if they say yes, it will ask them where they want to put it, and it will then download and install it automatically. This works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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  Search the BuWizz
Posted by: Thorsten - 2017-05-19, 10:24 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (3)

Has anyone of you already made the BuBizz battery?
Have the Citroen WRC Sebastian Leob. He should get such a battery in MLCAD Instruction


Greeting Thorsten

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  LPub3D - Losing LDView as renderer
Posted by: David Manley - 2017-05-18, 6:24 - Forum: LDraw File Processing and Conversion - No Replies

Hi Trevor,

I recently reinstalled LPub3D on a clean machine via the AIOI. I then upgraded to version 2.0.20 Revision 17 Build 644 via the "Help/Check for updates ..." menu item. I have experienced an issue with changing the renderer, as described below, which I suspect is a bug. Basically, it is not remembering the change that has been made to the preferred renderer across invocations of the executable.

The steps to reproduce it (and a manual workaround which seems to support the premise that this is a bug) as far as I can remember it are as follows;

1) After the upgrade, change the rendering preference (menu item Configuration/Preferences, tabbed sheet "Rendering") setting the preferred renderer to "LDGLite". If the checkbox "LDView is installed" is checked, uncheck it. Exit LPub3D.
2) Invoke LPub3D, select the menu item Configuration/Preferences, tabbed sheet "Rendering". Check the "LDView is installed" checkbox, use the "Browse..." command button to select and set the appropriate path to LDView. Set the preferred rendered to "LDView". Exit LPub3D.
3) Invoke LPub3D, select the menu item Configuration/Preferences, tabbed sheet "Rendering". At this point, even though step 2 identified LDview as the renderer, the preferred rendered drop-down list shows LDGLite, the "LDView is installed" checkbox is unchecked and the path to LDView unpopulated. Repeating step 2 will change the renderer to LDView and it will use it for the current invocation but after exiting LPub3D, it "forgets" that LDView is the preferred renderer.

1) Use regedit to navigate to HKU\S-1-5-*\Software\LPub 3D Software\LPub 3D\Settings, where S-1-5-* is changed to the value appropriate to the current user.
2) Change the string value PreferredRenderer to LDView
3) Add a new string value named LDView and set it's value to the appropriate path to the LDView executable.

To my eye, the bug appears to be related to perhaps LPub3D failing to create the registry key string value as per step 3) in the workaround.



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  Calculate Angles (in LDCad)
Posted by: Jaco van der Molen - 2017-05-12, 13:49 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (3)

Hi all,

Is there a way to exactly calculate the angles the 1x5 beam and 1x10 brick make?
I kind of know how to do this in LDCad, but with these I don't know how.

I have done this by hand and eye, but I'd like it to be exact.

.png   CalculateAngles.png (Size: 25.41 KB / Downloads: 74)


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  Callout border margins only apply to left and top?
Posted by: Jaco van der Molen - 2017-05-10, 20:09 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - No Replies


In LPub3D do Callout border margins only apply to left and top?
I thought it was left/right and top/bottom.

This line of code:
gives me this:

I want the BI for the minifig in the center of the callout with more margin around.

This line:
does not appear to do anything?

Any insights?


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Posted by: Santeri Piippo - 2017-05-09, 20:38 - Forum: Off-Topic - No Replies

At long last I have ordered and received my first Bricklink shipment. Within there was a pair of CV joints… to fit a spindle I've owned since 2004.

Finally I can actually drive this thing, I'm overjoyed.

(and of course the first thing I did was to stuff an XL motor into it. Fortunately the joint didn't break. That would've been something)

[Image: 20170509_183946.jpg]

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