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  SHELL 3 Part 59490 in any colour
Posted by: Hyrynkangas - 2018-11-14, 9:17 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (1)

Hello everyone

I'm looking for a part  59490 in any colour. 
The odd thing is that it does not seem to be made. I will try to do it myself 
but if there is anyone more capable I would be very gratefull.

Thank you

-Sami Hyrynkangas

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  Transparent stickers on transparent bricks with opaque print
Posted by: Jaco van der Molen - 2018-11-12, 21:45 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (5)

Hi all,

I was wondering how to make transparent stickers on transparent bricks with opaque print.
Like the windows on the side in set 40252. 

[Image: 40252-1.jpg]

Reading this thread I don't quite follow

I thought I'd just make a png image with transparent background and the azure blue triangular shape.
But applying that and make the brick transparent makes the pattern transparent too.

Can I achieve an opaque pattern?

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Posted by: Nathan S - 2018-11-12, 1:35 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (1)

Greetings.  I was surprised to find that BB-8 (or BB-9E) weren't anywhere on a list, and neither were the base parts.  If someone is board, no real need for it, just some pieces that would be good to have done.



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  Group removed inside a callout still visible on the main model
Posted by: Simone - 2018-11-10, 15:21 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (4)

Hello guys
i have a main model with a callout. Inside callout i use the command to remove a group


and it works prefectly during callout steps, but when i return in the main model step with the submodel placed i still see parts removed before.
Is it possible to not show in the upper model the parts removed with REMOVE GROUP command?

You can find an example attached.



Attached Files
.ldr   removegroup sample.ldr (Size: 1.06 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  I'm having trouble making stickers.
Posted by: Jordan McClure - 2018-11-07, 21:23 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (5)

I've been trying to make some stickers for a NES I made in LeoCAD, but everytime I load the .dat file in LDCad, it doesn' work!
If someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, that would be great! Here are some more pictures:
This is an image of the .dat file, just in case you can't download the actual file:

.png   help 3.png (Size: 12.69 KB / Downloads: 70)

Here's the .dat file. I was going to send the image file as well, but it wouldn't let me upload it:
.dat   SMB Label.dat (Size: 390 bytes / Downloads: 1)

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  Title annotation in LPub3D
Posted by: Jaco van der Molen - 2018-11-06, 19:57 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (5)

Hi all,

A while ago I posted this thread:

Now I am struggling with the annotation for Technic Beams.

I haven't got a clue how to write a regular expression, so is there anyone here who can?

What I am aiming at is that the length of beams is annotated for beams of length 3 or longer and not the lift arms or bent beams.
[Edit]: and including the half or thin beams, but not the modified ones.

Thanks in advance!

Here is the list I want the length to be annotated:
32523.dat                  Technic Beam  3
32316.dat                  Technic Beam  5
32017.dat                  Technic Beam  5 x  0.5
32063.dat                  Technic Beam  6 x  0.5
32524.dat                  Technic Beam  7
32065.dat                  Technic Beam  7 x  0.5
40490.dat                  Technic Beam  9
32525.dat                  Technic Beam 11
41239.dat                  Technic Beam 13
32278.dat                  Technic Beam 15

No annotation needed for:

18654.dat                  Technic Beam  1
41672.dat                  Technic Beam  1 x  3 x  7 with 4 Axleholes and 3 Holes
41665.dat                  Technic Beam  1 x  4 x  7 with  5 Axleholes and  2 Holes and  1 Slot
43857.dat                  Technic Beam  2
60483.dat                  Technic Beam  2 Liftarm
50923.dat                  Technic Beam  2 Liftarm with Angled Ball Joint
64276.dat                  Technic Beam  2 Liftarm with Straight Ball Joint
85940.dat                  Technic Beam  2 with Angled Bar
41677.dat                  Technic Beam  2 x  0.5 Liftarm
32140.dat                  Technic Beam  2 x  4 Liftarm Bent 90
50904.dat                  Technic Beam  2 x  8 x  2 Double Liftarm with 2  1 x  3 Beams
98577.dat                  Technic Beam  3 with Integrated Ball Joint
61071.dat                  Technic Beam  3 with Panel Fairing Left
61070.dat                  Technic Beam  3 with Panel Fairing Right
44225.dat                  Technic Beam  3 with Rotation Joint 3 Pin
44224.dat                  Technic Beam  3 with Rotation Joint 3 Socket
6632.dat                   Technic Beam  3 x  0.5 Liftarm
33299.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  0.5 Liftarm with Boss and Pin
60484.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  3 T-shaped
32056.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  3 x  0.5 Liftarm Bent 90
32249.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  3 x  0.5 Liftarm Bent 90 Quarter Circle
32009.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  3.8 x  7 Liftarm Bent 45 Double
32526.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  5 Bent 90
32250.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  5 x  0.5 Liftarm Bent 90 Quarter Ellipse
32271.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  7 Liftarm Bent 53.13
45803.dat                  Technic Beam  3 x  7 x  3 Bent 90 Double Chamfered
41681.dat                  Technic Beam  3.8 x  1 Liftarm with Click Rotation Ring Socket
32449.dat                  Technic Beam  4 x  0.5 Liftarm
2825.dat                   Technic Beam  4 x  0.5 Liftarm with Boss
41679.dat                  Technic Beam  4 x  0.5 Liftarm with Click Rotation Hinge Half
43464.dat                  Technic Beam  4 x  3 Liftarm Triangle
32348.dat                  Technic Beam  4 x  4 Liftarm Bent 53.13
6629.dat                   Technic Beam  4 x  6 Liftarm Bent 53.13
11478.dat                  Technic Beam  5 x  0.5 Liftarm with Axle Holes at Both Ends
14720.dat                  Technic Beam  5 x  3 H-shaped
2905.dat                   Technic Beam  5 x  3 x  0.5 Liftarm Triangle
99773.dat                  Technic Beam  5 x  3 x  0.5 Liftarm Triangle Type 2
32251.dat                  Technic Beam  5 x  7 x  0.5 Liftarm Bent 90 Quarter Ellipse
32311.dat                  Technic Beam  7 Offset Liftarm with 24 Tooth Gears
32065.dat                  Technic Beam  7 x  0.5
32177.dat                  Technic Beam  7 x  1 Liftarm with Ribs and Fan
32308.dat                  Technic Beam  7 x  3 x  2 Liftarm Split
64179.dat                  Technic Beam  7 x  5 with Open Center  5 x  3
32079.dat                  Technic Beam  9 Liftarm Offset with Boss
64178.dat                  Technic Beam 11 x  5 with Open Center  5 x  3

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  Looking a tutorial to make a custom part!
Posted by: tatubias - 2018-11-06, 11:59 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (13)

Guys i want to make a very simple custom part. its a rectangle with a png snapped on front with transparent background. its possible to make this? (EASY WAY)

 something like this. its to add into a model in a building instruction. that will be overlapped to a model

[Image: O45tmnb.png]

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  The adventures of building a web renderer
Posted by: Lasse Deleuran - 2018-11-05, 16:25 - Forum: Rendering Techniques - Replies (10)

This thread is for sharing my learnings and war stories from the LDraw web-rendering project buildinginstructions.js.
You can see how it evolves on BrickHub.org.

Here is a current example of how it renders a LEGO model:

[Image: 14.png]

It was not always like this. While there are at least two other web renderers that I know of, I still decided to start this project from scratch. This way I would get practical experience with the technologies involved (WebGL, Three.js, GLSL, etc.), and focus on having performance in mind from the very beginning. While the project itself hopefully ends up being of practical use for many, my goal with this thread is to share my experiences, wins and losses, and perhaps even get some good feedback to help drive the project forward.

The project started in July 2018 with the first breakthrough being in August 1. Back then I had finished an MPV of the .ldr parser while trying to adhere to the Three.js best practices for building a Loader. By modifying one of the Three.js sample files, I was able to get it to render:

[Image: p4xuzyP.png]

As you can see, there were some massive BFC issues, but that was alright for a start. The important part was to get started and get something, anything really, up and running.
My top 3 takeaways from this early stage are:

- Ignore everything that is not absolutely needed in order to get started. This includes conditional lines, quads, BFC, colors, metadata, viewport clipping, etc, etc. While it is important to do things right, the proof of concept both gave me something tangible and came with a morale boost.

- Three.js and the LDraw file format work well together from the perspective of placing things in 3D. It is obvious that James Jessiman knew what he was doing when designing the specification.

- Depending on your approach of design, BFC can be very difficult to get right. There is psudocode in the spec, but unfortunately it did not fit into the data models I had chosen. The pseudocode assumes a single pass of computing both BFC information and triangle wrapping, while my code handles the BFC computation in a separate initial step that creates reusable components.

That is all for the first post. I will try to keep this thread alive with more war stories.

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  LDraw brick models - not detailed?
Posted by: Daniel West - 2018-11-04, 1:07 - Forum: Rendering Techniques - Replies (3)

I'm working on a rendering application which requires very accurate models of all LEGO parts.
Naturally the LDraw library is a first stop for me, but I am running into some curious cases of lack of detail even in very common parts like 2xN bricks.
If you look at the underside of a real (modern) 2 x 4 brick for example, you will see a number of small supports, as well as divots where the studs stick out. However, such details are not present in even high resolution LDraw models.

I think it's fair enough if LDraw has some sort of philosophy that the part authors don't worry too much about this sort of detail. But I was just wondering if I was missing anything, or if there was a way to access more detailed part files, especially for very common elements such as these.


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  LDCAD Parts List Export?
Posted by: Jeff Boen - 2018-11-02, 22:26 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (4)

Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, guys. I'm now fully-converted to LDCad and loving it, but now that I've completed my first serious model using it (1400+ pieces) I can't seem to find an easy method to get a listing of all the parts used in it. I tried BrickUtils from years ago but it no longer appears to run and I can't quite follow all of the discussion about Rebrickable providing a parts list. Is there no parts list file export directly from LDCad?

Thanks again for all the great work and help!

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