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  Part Request: 77192, 77183 (2021 Minifig Butterfly/Angel Wings)
Posted by: M.H. - 7 hours ago - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies

Hi all,

First time here, so please feel free to correct me if I'm doing anything wrong.

I've had no luck tracking down these parts in any of the recommended go-to's (LDraw tracker and digital-bricks.de). I'm sorry if I've simply missed them, but they're relatively new with the Vidiyo sets so I'd be surprised if anyone has started work on them. I think they're actually pretty cool, here are the BrickLink references:

Part 77192 (Butterfly Wings):
(Two printed varients - it doesn't seem to exist in a plain version. I'd personally be more than thrilled with just the part itself, though)

Part 77183 (Angel Wings):

If anyone would like to have a go at these, that would be awesome. The butterfly wings in particular would be nice as I was also unable to find an effective substitute piece (the older butterfly wings from the Collectible Minifigs also eluded me).

Thanks for your time!

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  Origin of part 3651
Posted by: N. W. Perry - Yesterday, 14:06 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (3)

I've come to the realization that the origin of part 3651 (the venerable "toggle joint" or pin/bush connector), and a few others like it, is quite simply in the wrong place. It should really be located at the center of the pin section, not the bush end, since this is always where it needs to be rotated when working on a model. Also, whenever a piston head is placed on it, it is at this point, and likewise with any other parts placed on its studs. Finally, whenever I need to measure the length of an assembly that includes this part, I always need to know the distance to the pin hole, not to the bush end. (Yes, I can just add 20, but it's one more step to make an error…and if I'm scaling a diagonal cross brace or something, do I scale the 20 as well or just add it afterwards…?)

I know that this is a very old part, and that changing the origin of an official part is essentially a non-starter since it would mess up a whole lot of pieces in a whole lot of models. And I can always just make a fixed version for my own use. But I am curious whether this has ever been brought up before? Certainly, all the newer connectors seem to put the origin in the right place. (Has it ever been considered to have a second version of a part to correct something like this without having to replace the existing one?)

Anyway, that's it for my mini-rant.  Wink Hope you enjoyed reading!

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  Part Request : 53118 / 61668 Minifig Game Controller
Posted by: Ryan Hicks - 2021-09-16, 4:52 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies

Looking for the minifig game controller part 53118 (or 61668 with game-pad printing).

Nothing turning up in Unity or Digital-Bricks.

Hope you're all well. Thanks in advance!


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  part request: 77765
Posted by: SNIPE - 2021-09-14, 16:54 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (6)


Any updates on the part: 77765 pin 3L frictionless with end stop

I get 200 of them in 2 days so I can post pictures if needed.

I tried to make a quick and dirty DAT file myself by shifting the middle stop ring across on a regular 3L pin, but couldn't find the subfile which contained the middle stop ring, seems it was not just nested in a single level subfile so things for too hairy for my experience of making parts, and I gave up.

Thanks, Snipe

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  Part 67095 Tile Round 3x3 - Help understanding which face is which?
Posted by: ShireBrickz.com - 2021-09-14, 1:01 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (2)

Hi people,

After a little help with part 67095 (Round Tile 3x3). I'm trying to create a pattern for it using LDPC and have attempted to create a template for it using LDPE.

The problem is that there seem to be multiple "top faces" mixed from the 67095.dat file and the various subparts. additionally deleting the top face also deletes the inner faces too.

Any help working out the mix of shapes and sub shapes appreciated.


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  Part Request: 553pb033 Round 2x2 Dome Brick with Mojo Jojo Braincap Pattern
Posted by: Matthew Coleman - 2021-09-13, 12:36 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (2)

I don’t know if this part is on LDraw, but I’d like to request it if it’s not uploaded yet. It’s Mojo Jojo’s braincap from The Powerpuff Girls.

[Image: 553pb033.png]


Thank you for reading.

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  Part Request: 37046 Cape Cloth, Straight Bottom with Single Top Hole
Posted by: Matthew Coleman - 2021-09-13, 12:27 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies

Hey, I would like to request this cloth cape part.

[Image: 37046.png]


A formed version would also be useful. Thanks!

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  LDraw terminology for part anatomy
Posted by: tom alphin - 2021-09-12, 22:26 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (6)

Some of you may know me from my book The LEGO Architect or my brickarchtiect.com website.  I'm always looking for ways to simplify the more confusing aspects of our hobby, including my work on the LEGO Brick Labels project.

In order to create the labels, I've needed to craft extremely short descriptions for each part which complement the part image.  (Because the name is always accompanied by the image, I can take some liberties to make the names shorter.)

One of the biggest challenges I've encountered is a semantic one. Different websites (including LEGO.com) use different names for each part, and even for the 'anatomical' elements within a part.  I am in the process of learnign all the names used within the hobby for these connections and anatomy - in the hopes that I can distill the most commonly used terms.

[Image: 2020-10-03%20-%20LEGO%20Storage%20Guide%...irtual.jpg]
Slide showing most of the common connection types in contemporary LEGO parts.

There are several aspects of LEGO part anatomy that I'm curious to hear how they are named within the internals of the LDraw project.

For example:

  • On the underside of a 1x2 brick, there is a rod between the studs to create a gap the right size for a stud to attach.  Is this called a "bar" since it is 2 units wide (in the measurement system used above), or do you have a different term?
  • Hollow Stud - Is there a better term for these hollow studs which accept a bar element?
  • Bar/Clip/Handle - A "handle" has the same diameter as a bar element.  Is there another term for these used within LDraw project?
  • Mini Bar - I  have also seen "prong" as a term for this, such as in the context of relatively new part 68211
  • Click Hinge - I have also heard "indexed hinge" and other terms - is there a common name here?
  • Ball - This is also sometimes described as a constraction hinge - has that term been outmoded by now?
  • Mini Pin - Is that the closest thing we have to a universal name for this non-Technic pin connection?

If there is already a LDraw Part Naming Styleguide, please let me know.  If not, maybe this project can help create one?


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Thumbs Up Part Request: 973pb3328 Mojo Jojo Torso
Posted by: Matthew Coleman - 2021-09-12, 18:20 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (2)

Hey there, I just realized that Mojo Jojo's minifigure torso is also missing from LDraw.

[Image: 973pb3328.png]



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  Rubber band templates question
Posted by: N. W. Perry - 2021-09-10, 15:40 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (4)

For band/belt templates in LDCad, the radius of a point is measured to the center of the path. I thought it would be handy to offset the path skin so that its inner edge follow the radius (i.e., the radius of the point is the same as the part it goes around).

I thought adjusting the alignment parameter was the way to do this, but it didn't work. It just breaks the path into segments with wide gaps (and they aren't noticeably offset from center).

Is there a simple way to adjust the template to do this? Or would I have to create a donor part with the origin shifted (and would that even work)?

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