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  LEGO Worlds Rocket Ship "PUG-Z"
Posted by: Daniel Goerner - 2019-03-14, 15:04 - Forum: MOCs (My Own Creations) - Replies (3)

Well, I don't know if I'm right here. This is neither my own creation, nor an official (buyable) model. It's from the videogame LEGO Worlds, and was originally created by Carl Greatrix and Mark Stafford for TT Games. (If you belive this belongs in another forum, please move it there)
Inspired by Barry Donovan's rebuild here, I decided to reverse engineer it myself in every detail. Which included all printed parts. Since this is not a buyable model, and these parts aren't found on any other model, I'm not allowed to submit them to the PT, so I  added them as "custom parts". These parts may not be free of errors (and personally I don't care that much), but you're free to use them, if you want to. You'll have to extract them yourself from the model, though.
I changed two or three bricks and plates for the sake of stability (e.g. three 1x2 bricks of the same color side by side were changed to one 1x6 brick). And SCARE-D uses a custom color for all transparent parts, since Glow_In_The_Dark_Trans isn't transparent at all.

I'd love to build this thing in real life, but besides the printed parts there are a lot of parts not available in the colors used. I added a file of the original PUG-Z with substitute colors and without the printed parts, so all parts seen in that model are available.

So, here you go. I hope you like it.
Have fun.

[Image: 46462721285_6f23419ac6_o.jpg]

Attached Files
.mpd   PUG-Z.mpd (Size: 415.71 KB / Downloads: 0)
.mpd   SCARE-D.mpd (Size: 621.12 KB / Downloads: 0)
.mpd   SPACE-C.mpd (Size: 482.54 KB / Downloads: 0)
.mpd   PUG-Z - Substitute Colors.mpd (Size: 27.54 KB / Downloads: 0)
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  How do digital lego builders procedurally generate the positions of anti-studs?
Posted by: Lasse Boijens - 2019-03-14, 11:40 - Forum: Help - Replies (4)

So I was wondering, does anybody know how lego builders using LDraw assign the locations of all holes/anti-studs?

I'm building my own VR lego builder and getting the studs in is easy because there is a subfile for 'stud' which I can just detect and save the position of. However, since holes are not one subpart but rather the space in-between other subparts, I have no idea how to do this without going through brick-by-brick.

I presume that there must be some method of doing this since I highly doubt that the creators of programs like leocad/stud.io/ldd have taken the time to manually enter the locations for all the hundreds of thousands of anti-studs. I know that leocad is open source but unfortunately, due to my inexperience with the way that program is written, I am unable to find how it is handled there.

Does anyone happen to know how/if it can be done?

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  Custom Part request
Posted by: Knud Ahrnell Albrechtsen - 2019-03-14, 11:31 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies


I am making a layout where i need to create instructions that include cut versions of the left and right switch track and two halfs of the turn.
I tried to see if I could make this myself, but sadly I dont have the skills for it.  Smile
Can I perhaps get you guys to make those parts for me?

You can see them in the included picture.

[Image: custom_tracks.jpg]


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  Multicolored minifig legs
Posted by: Jaco van der Molen - 2019-03-14, 8:35 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (2)

Hi all,

Are these kind of legs made in LDraw yet?


[Image: 6143604]

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  Problem with normals when building my own LDraw interpreter.
Posted by: Lasse Boijens - 2019-03-12, 21:41 - Forum: Help - Replies (7)

So first of all, as a little announcement, I've started work on a virtual reality lego builder, which I'm really excited for, and a lot of the work's already done, but I've only recently started on the work for actually allowing the LDraw .dat files to be used to load in bricks instead of inefficiently storing the bricks as models. I'm using the game engine unity since I have a reasonable amount of experience with it and integrating VR is easy-peasy, but now I'm having problems getting the normals to display correctly.

I'm aware of BFC and winding, and I've taken an example of little bits and bobs from the old LDrawToObj convertor from Rold Redford (https://github.com/rredford/LdrawToObj) and that got me most of the way there, but now I'm stuck with some issues with faces not having correct normals. I have to admit I think that it's a bit difficult to explain why this is happening since I don't really know what I'm missing, but I hope that when I share some images and examples other people might be able to help me out. I can post the C# code I'm using if anyone thinks it'll help, but it's fairly messy and lacking comments so I don't think it'll be too useful.

On top of that, apologies if this forum already holds the answer to my question, but I wasn't able to find it.

[Image: AM1t2PC.png]
[Image: kPmrWS7.png]

So here we have the standard 2x2 brick. This brick is generated perfectly except that the 4 quads at the bottom of the brick are facing the wrong way. The winding should be correct, and the inversion system should be correct, else how could the rest of the brick generate perfectly? The only real repeating logic I can see with this problem is that (as far as I'm aware) normals never face the right way when primitives are created in the base brick file, only in subparts. But how is that possible? Are there some rules that I'm missing here?

But primitives in the root file aren't the only ones to not work consistently; for instance here in the 2x3 brick:

[Image: Z5Dj9w5.png]

The same four quads at the bototm are inverted, but also one of the faces of the outer box-5. This image has my debug-lines enabled so you can see the shape it's supposed to have more clearly. (Note that the normals on the inside of the brick are correct, since you are supposed to see through them from this angle.)

Lastly, the standard 2x4 brick shows some strange behaviour. This might be an unrelated issue and this is the only brick I've tested where this problem occurs (it's also easily fixable by changing one of the transformations in the 2x4 brick file, but that cant be right.) but I'm posting it here anyways just in case some very clever person can tell me that that's related to the same issue.

[Image: HWD9X98.png]

Thanks so much for anyone willing to help me out here! I've been stuck on this for ages... Heart

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  PatternFolder - Project Stickers and Prints onto Surfaces (Web-based, all platforms)
Posted by: Lasse Deleuran - 2019-03-09, 21:25 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (5)

I have just released first version of Pattern Folder. It is a simple Javascript based tool to add curvature to LDraw files. See how to use it in the video below.

How to get started (as shown in the video)

1) Go to https://c-mt.dk/software/pf/ and add your sticker.
2) Use a file, URL or simply paste the content of your LDraw file. Please note that only line type 0, 2, 3 and 4 are supported. Sub-files (type 1) and conditional lines (type 5) or any other digital file format are not yet supported.
3) Click on the surface of your choice (or type in your own. Click the various surfaces or see the video to learn how).
4) Download your folded LDraw file.


See building instructions for the Corvette here: https://brickhub.org/i/224

Building instructions for the Porsche 911 RSR is found here: https://brickhub.org/i/193 (not all stickers made yet)

Pattern Folder is 100% free to use, copy, improve, and eat (dietary restrictions may apply). It is also free from advertising and complies to GDPR because it doesn't track anything, nor take ownership of anything you use it for. I have added an ad to the video in order to pay for the website hosting.

GitHub project: https://github.com/LasseD/PatternFolder Feel free to make pull requests, raise issues, fork, clone, etc.

Please feel free to post ideas, suggestions, missing patterns, bugs, ... or if you think this kind of tool is a stupid or great idea.

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  3069bpc1.dat need to be improved
Posted by: Vincent M - 2019-03-09, 9:37 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies


Pattern from part 3069bpc1.dat is different from the reality and need to be improved.
Here is a photo of the real pattern:
[Image: h4vYRUD.jpg]

Current pattern is:
[Image: Na9lNz2.png]


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  Part match up problem
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2019-03-07, 18:18 - Forum: Help - Replies (7)

Attached is a snippet of an official model I am working on. 

The steering arms (2739a) and the steering links (6540b) should match up with the arms at 90 degrees. I'm posting this to see if this is a problem with one of the parts or if I'm doing something wrong.

Attached Files
.ldr   problem.ldr (Size: 2.7 KB / Downloads: 12)
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  LDraw with Blender 2.8
Posted by: LegoBuilder10 - 2019-03-07, 10:46 - Forum: Help - Replies (1)

Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anyone has had luck installing LDraw in Blender 2.8. I've tried a few times using the latest versions, but it simply says I need to upgrade to Blender 2.8.x

I'm not sure if it's because it's still under development, or if I'm doing something wrong - but I'm still using the same installation process.

Hoping to render some sweet Lego animations with Eevee.

Thanks! Smile

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  LDView POV export of texmap?
Posted by: Philippe Hurbain - 2019-03-07, 8:33 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (3)

I tried to POV-export a scene with texmapped parts using LDView, but the parts are desperately blank when rendered. Is there an export option I missed, or is texmap not supported by LDView POV export?

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