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  Identify Completed Part Requests
Posted by: Gerald Lasser - 2020-05-31, 22:09 - Forum: Website Suggestions/Requests/Discussion - Replies (3)

An idea for the Parts Request sub-forum:

I think we should indicate completed part requests by assigning a "Post Icon" to the first post, this is then added to the topic view and makes it easier to spot open requests.

I was looking through the available icons, but apart from the "Star" or "Thumbs Up" nothing really fits well, Orion, is it possible to add a tick mark to the selection?

Or add a simple [COMPLETED] to the Thread title?

What do you think?

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Question Installation page incomplete
Posted by: Paul Sinasohn - 2020-05-30, 22:19 - Forum: Website Suggestions/Requests/Discussion - Replies (1)


I am flummoxed. I am trying to get LDraw installed & running on a late-2013 Mac using HighSierra 10.13.6.

I have used MLCad on windows for years, but haven't bothered to do a manual LDraw update in a long time.

In reading the "Getting Started:Mac" page, I see that clicking either link in Step 1 takes me to the "Latest Parts" page, which tells me absolutely nothing about using or installing LDraw on a Mac. 

If I were a parent, or an AFOL new to this system, I would leave and never return. I would probably also tell others in my community not to bother with LDraw as it doesn't work.

Even if I could figure out that I needed to download & expand the complete.zip file, doing so leaves me with a bunch of files that I have no idea what to do with. So I am again at a point where I give up and leave.

Can someone expand Step 1 so that there are complete & USEABLE instructions for a Mac installation post-download? Perhaps Allen Smith & Willy Tschager could work on a MacOS AIOI? I would be happy to beta test the instructions or the installer.

I am a longtime member of BayLUG and the Bricks by the Bay convention staff. Most of my MOCs are dioramas (circus, farm/ranch) though I do have some larger buildings.

Thank you in advance for any and all advice. 
Stay home and stay safe. Play Well.

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  How do you select edges
Posted by: Willy Tschager - 2020-05-30, 17:23 - Forum: Parts Author Tools - Replies (5)

How do you select edges and conds. in LDPE via "Select all" making sure the edges in prims don't get selected ... 'cos "... except Subfile Content" doesn't work. And don't propose to hide the prims prior selection. I'm looking for the easy way.


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  3068bpx1 is not the right piece
Posted by: Thom Kok - 2020-05-29, 21:19 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (5)

I checked the rebrickable site, but I don't think this is correct. I hope someone can explain whether this is a mistake or not. It should be the drill piece.


[Image: eIR99UM.png]

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  Official Library File Format Restictions
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2020-05-28, 21:48 - Forum: Official File Specifications/Standards - Replies (26)

As part of our meeting last year in Billund, we expressed a desired to make the learning curve for authoring parts a little less steep. As part of that, I'm working on clarifying the rules for the Official Library. Recently we've had a discussion about complete assemblies and disallowing sticker shortcuts for stickers applied to single, flat parts. As a result of those discussion, I made a draft revision to the File Format Restrictions for the Official Library. Proposed changes in red:

I also posted about my concerns about documentation fragmentation. I personally feel that the File Format Restrictions for the Official Library document should one single source for all the rules for parts in the official library. With that reasoning in mind, I think "Official Library Policy On Embedding POV-Ray Code" should be cancelled since those METAs are already disallowed. Also, the "Parts numbering scheme for parts with unknown numbers" and "Official Library Specification for Sticker Parts" should be folded into the main document. There are also some pages on the PT that can be added as well.

Basically, I'm opening the entire "File Format Restrictions for the Official Library" document up for revision. How should this document be laid out? What else should be included? I have the ability to separate sections in to tabs and other formatting tricks. I also think a downloadable PDF for quick, offline reference might be a good idea. Maybe even a Quick Reference One Sheet for commonly used info.

I'd like to have a full and frank discussion about this. Remember, if you have a problem, propose a solution. Also, we're not going to break backwards compatibility. Aside from those 2 rules almost anything goes.

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  One part has two colors?
Posted by: ragnarok - 2020-05-28, 15:40 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (5)

I use "SolidWorks" to make parts. Some parts have two colors. I want to import "part designer" with two fixed colors. What should I do?

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  Variant livestock? 64452**, 95341pb01, 87621**...
Posted by: Brett Shelton - 2020-05-28, 4:50 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (1)

Boy, my tech skills are so out of date. I thought I might be able to tackle authoring but the learning curve is well beyond me. 

I'm trying to build a MOC of an Indian market and was hoping (someone) could use the existing Cow (64452**) as a basis for a zebu (humped/indicine/Brahman) cattle and maybe an Asian water buffalo or maybe even an Arvin East (frankly more common in the southern regions than the big zebu).

Obviously, realism at minifig scales is (insert Indian head wobble). Main things would be adding the hump, maybe making them a little less well-fed, and changing the direction of the horn pin holes (for the AE).

The singularly uncommon goat (95341pb01) would be totally necessary for this endeavor. Even better if there was a Nubian variant with extra long ears, but beggars can't be choosers. 

Androgynous piggy parent (87621**) could use a drove of piglets. Maybe something similar to the chicken, with just a little solid form, but with a 1x2 base?

Can post pics of breeds of anyone is interested. If it was as easy as clicking and dragging vertices, I would at least try to do it myself.

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  LDCad Set PBG generator
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2020-05-28, 0:08 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (11)

I finished entering all 526(!) torso assemblies (out of a possible 3700ish) into the cross reference file, I've moved the Set PBG generator out of experimental status.

New url is:

My next project is hips assemblies then Minidoll torso and leg assemblies followed by Technic action figures. I may sprinkle in other assemblies as I find them.

As always, If you find bugs or oddities, please post them here. If you find a misnumbered single file that's not part of an assembly, submit a change request at Rebrickable.

The current crossref file can always be found here:

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  Missing color in LDConfig
Posted by: Vincent Messenet - 2020-05-27, 7:01 - Forum: Official File Specifications/Standards - No Replies

I'm going to post two new patterned tiles 1 x 1 which use Metallic Light Blue color.

This color is missing from LDConfig so, for now, I will submit both parts with simple Light Blue color and will modify them as soon as the new color.

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  Revision 2 to MPD specification adds ability to embed images
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2020-05-26, 20:24 - Forum: Official File Specifications/Standards - Replies (3)

The TEXMAP meta command allows LDraw files to map images onto the surfaces of a part or model. This image, while part of the part or model definition, could not be included inside an MPD file since it is a binary file. 

The LSB has ratified revision 2 to the MPD specification. This adds the !DATA meta command to allow the inclusion of binary files in the body of an MPD. Roland Melkert, author of LDCad, has said that support for this new meta command will be included with the forthcoming LDCad version 1.7. Other currently maintained LDraw tools should follow.


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