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  Problem using Minifig Legs Dual Mould in Studio
Posted by: Alastair W - 2020-02-11, 17:17 - Forum: Help - Replies (5)

Hi all

I'm attempting to use part 21019 (Minifig Hips and Legs Dual Mould with Uncoloured Lower Leg Pattern) in BrickLink Studio.
My objective is to have flesh coloured upper legs and black or brown lower legs to emulate boots. The upper part of the legs will be covered by a skirt.

Anyhow, I have discovered that this part consists of many subparts and I can import them one-by-one into Studio.
However, the right leg appears to consist of left leg parts and I'm unable to make a mirror copy.
You can see what I mean here:
The subparts are all for a left leg!

So I'm rather confused and probably not even taking the correct approach.
Any assistance you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance!

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  Improvement Requests
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2020-02-10, 23:55 - Forum: Website Suggestions/Requests/Discussion - Replies (11)

In order to refocus my todo list here is a standing question:

What is the one annoying across all of the LDraw.org website that you wish were fixed?

Please be specific and propose a solution if it's not obvious.
If it's not a quick fix, I'll add it to the todo list otherwise I'll just fix the issue. In either case you request will be marked as [Added]

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  Windows 10 and "open with" for LDraw user
Posted by: Philippe Hurbain - 2020-02-10, 16:40 - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (4)

Looking for some tips...
I recently updated my trusty but ageing Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my main machine. Overall, the update went fine (eg. I can now use latest versions of LPub3D!), but the right click+"open with" is now mostly useless for me.
For .dat part files, I set the default to LDDP, that works fine, but previously right click + "open with" allowed me to open .dat directly with LDView, LDPE, MLCad, or LETGUI. Now it only offers LETGUI and (useless) Seamonkey browser.
Similar problem for .ldr or .mpd model files, my default application is LDCad and I can "open" with MLCad and (useless) Seamonkey or LETGUI, while I'd like to be able to open directly with LDView, LDDP or LeoCAD.

I tried many things, such as changing default app to other desired programs and back, hoping that Win10 would learn from that, to no avail...

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  Patterned Part 6180 from ISS set
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2020-02-09, 23:31 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (2)

Can someone post a high quality photo (preferably a scan but aligned top down will do too) of the patterned label tile from the ISS set?


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  2020/2021 LDraw.org Steering Committee: Nominations closing in 3 weeks
Posted by: Willy Tschager - 2020-02-09, 18:12 - Forum: LDraw.org Announcements - No Replies

Hi folks,

As outlined here:


nominations for the 2020/2021 LDraw.org Steering Committee election will close at 11:59 PM GMT on 29 February 2020 and elections will start on 01.03.2020. Only those candidates who have been nominated, seconded, and have accepted as outlined, will be eligible for election. So if you are a candidate that has not yet accepted or declined, please consider deciding. The list with the candidates as well as their status can be found here:


If you feel your favourite nominee is missing on the list please use the link above to nominate him/her.

Willy Tschager
On behalf of the LDraw.org Steering Committee

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  Airplane wheel and tire
Posted by: Michael Horvath - 2020-02-08, 20:32 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (1)

Not a part request, but I am having trouble identifying which tire goes with parts "2415.dat" and "3464.dat". All the tires seem too large, even the smallest ones. Which is the correct tire? Thanks.

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  Wheel 30838
Posted by: Christian Maglekær - 2020-02-08, 20:14 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies

Hi, is anyone working on the new wheel 30838 from the Cars 3 sets?




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  Optional qualifier in OMR spec
Posted by: N. W. Perry - 2020-02-08, 14:51 - Forum: Official File Specifications/Standards - No Replies

I'm looking to clarify the use of optional qualifiers in the OMR spec.

Under Base File Naming, the requirements for the optional qualifier are:

  • "[i]s a sequential number, starting with 2."
  • "…is not mandatory and gets added only if there is more than one set that could be assigned the same <Set Number>. The first set using a given number would be understood to never contain the qualifier however numbering should start with the oldest set and some investigation should be done in existing set databases."
Under MPD File Structure, the requirement for the optional qualifier, both for sub-models and embedded unofficial parts, is:
  •  "is a sequential number, starting with 1, added if there is more than one set that could be assigned <Set Number>."
This has the effect that, where the model represents the first (oldest) of multiple sets with the same number, the MPD filename would not contain the optional qualifier, but the names of its subfiles would. So, to extend the example given in the spec:

6901 - Mobile Lab.mpd (Produced in 1980)
6901-1 - Submodel1.ldr
6901-1 - Submodel2.ldr
6901-1 - part.dat
6901-2 - Space Plane.mpd (Produced in 1998)

Likewise, the example given for an embedded unofficial part is:

33956.dat would be renamed to 3345 - 33956.dat or 3345-1 - 33956.dat[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)].[/color]

In either case, the underlying base filename would be 3345 - Set Name.mpd (because "-1" is not a valid optional qualifier for the base filename, or because there is only one set numbered 3345).

Is this the intended interpretation of the spec? Or is it intended that <Set Number>[-<Optional Qualifier>] be identical for the base filename and all subfile names (and if so, should the optional qualifier start at 1 or 2)?

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Posted by: Stefan Frenz - 2020-02-07, 21:50 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (33)

Hi there,

first of all, I would like to say my thanks to Roland for LDCad and to Philippe, Willy, Johann and Magnus for helping me out drawing models and making them OMR compliant.

After making the same mistakes multiple times and because I don't get MPDCenter running on my Linux box, I wrote a small Java tool to:

  • inspect and preview ldr/mpd files, list/preview sub-files
  • check OMR-compliance and some subtle things (like tires having Rubber color)
  • organize part lists (pbg import / export and generated from ldr/mpd files)
  • get part lists from Bricklink and Rebrickable with preview and pbg export
  • compare part lists of arbitrary source
  • search parts by description / filename / origin
I don't know if this software would be of any interest to the community. It is in some kind of early pre-alpha state, but if there are brave testers, I would be happy to get feedback or just "does not work" messages. Maybe it even helps other Linux-LDrawers to get their files OMR compliant? The gui requires JavaFX (see here), everything else is "plain Java" (version >=11).

Any suggestion or feedback is warmly welcome.

Best regards

PS: If this is the wrong forum, please Administrator move it to another one.

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.gif   LDI_CheckCmd.gif (Size: 24.3 KB / Downloads: 229)
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  Minifig faces and primitive substitution
Posted by: N. W. Perry - 2020-02-07, 6:39 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (5)

A post in the Stud.io forum touches on an issue that I've been thinking about, so to follow on with that discussion…

Briefly stated, in programs that use hi-res primitive substitutions, when the minifig head is rendered it tends to leave the patterned face portion unchanged, so it sticks out from the otherwise round head and leaves visible gaps. (See the linked post for full discussion and image.)

Is it feasible that there could be a hi-res substitution created for at least the standard grin pattern, for those programs that might use it? I know there are zillions of MF faces nowadays and to do all of them would be prohibitive, but might it be worth it for at least the "classic" visage?

(Or is there indeed already a solution out there to this problem, and I just don't know about it?)

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