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  Effect of Upper/Lower Case Primitives/Subfiles
Posted by: Gerald Lasser - 2019-09-30, 18:37 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (7)

Over at the Stud.io forum there was an entry concerning the missing stud-logo on an old part, namely 50949.
I check it and noticed that the primitive is in upper case (STUD.DAT) that leads the renderer to ignore the substitution. Upon changing it to lower case the LEGO-logo was rendered.

Do we have an overview how many files still have uppercase prim in them? Shall we recycle them?

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  Part 32004a - Wheel 68.8 x 24 Model Team Type 1
Posted by: N. W. Perry - 2019-09-28, 13:59 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (1)

Since, although this part appears in only a single set (5571 Giant Truck), that set seems to be a favorite model for many of us, I thought I'd officially request the wheel hub that missing from the library:


Happy to work on it myself…but that will be sometime in the future after I get (much) more familiar with parts authoring!

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Information AWESOME LDraw — a curated list of useful LDraw resources
Posted by: Eugen - 2019-09-27, 23:57 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (7)

«AWESOME LDraw» is curated list of LDraw resources, such as apps, 3rd-party parts libraries, tutorials, everything related to digital lego modeling:

Any contributions are welcome! Wink

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  LDConfig file with LDD colors
Posted by: Willy Tschager - 2019-09-27, 12:34 - Forum: Official File Specifications/Standards - Replies (4)

I created a new LDConfig file using RGB colors from LDD:

.ldr   LDConfig.ldr (Size: 32.34 KB / Downloads: 3)

with the following conventions:

* LDraw and BrickLink mostly share naming conventions for their colours.
* Where possible LEGO colour numbers were used.
* The LEGO numbers, names and LDD colours are taken directly from LEGO Digital Designer.
* Colours were compared with Ryan Howerter colour list.
* Rubber colours got their value from the correspondent solid or transparent colour.
* Some transparent colours were altered so that they can be displayed with their LDraw alpha level.
* Edge colours for solid, pearl, metallic colours were calculated the following way:
  If the lightness value L in the HSL colours system was above 20% a Gray with 20% relative
  luminance in the terms of RGB-Gray was used.
  If the lightness value L in the HSL colours system was below 20% a Gray with 50% relative
  luminance in the terms of RGB-Gray was used.
* Edge colours for transparent, chrome, glitter colours were calculated the following way:
  The lightness value L in the HSL colours system was lowered by 20 %. If the lightness value L in
  the HSL colours system was below 20% it was rosen by 20%.

What do you think of it?

Philo kindly compiled a corresponding visual file:

[Image: visualldconfig.png]

The old version for comparison:

[Image: visualldconfig.png]

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  Bionicle and Factory parts (mostly)
Posted by: Rene Frijhoff - 2019-09-27, 2:29 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (5)

I tried to load a model and found that a number of Bionicle and Factory parts where not available for LDraw.
If someone could make these, I would really appreciate that.

LDD number    Bricklink number    Bricklink description
41890    41890    Arm Mechanical, Super Battle Droid
98570    98570pb01    Hero Factory Chest Badge with 'H' on Light Bluish Gray Background Pattern
98562    98562    Hero Factory Weapon - Handcuff
47299    47299    Bionicle Toa Metru Knee Cover
19179    19179    Minifigure, Weapon Blade with Bar and 3 Spikes
92222    92222    Hero Factory Shield with Handle for Clip
15407    15407    Minifigure, Hand Armor
47298    47298    Bionicle Toa Metru Foot
98564    98564    Hero Factory Zamor Sphere Launcher - Bottom Half with Axle Hole
98593    98593    Hero Factory Shoulder Armor, Sonic Speaker
98341    98341    Ring 4 x 4 with 2 x 2 Hole and 4 Arrow Ends (Ninjago Spinner Crown)

Thanks in advance,


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  42100 Liebherr review
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2019-09-26, 15:36 - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (2)


New parts @ 4:13

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  Help calculating piston rod angle
Posted by: N. W. Perry - 2019-09-26, 3:59 - Forum: Help - Replies (9)

I can't quite figure out how to calculate the angle and vertical distance of a piston rod on a rotated crankshaft, specifically using LDCad's Selection Info tool. Here's a diagram:

So the crankshaft has been rotated -49.5 degrees. The piston rod (A-B) will move up the Y-axis, but I don't know that distance (it's slightly less than the current Y distance between A and C). Also, point B will remain at its current X position but point A will rotate around point B to connect with the axle at point C. The angle of that rotation is the second thing I don't know.

No doubt this has been tackled many times before, but I'd like to know the precise way to figure it out (rather than downloading an already finished model). It's either slightly more difficult, or vastly simpler than I realize. Smile  (And I do know about the piston placement script in LDCad, but AFAIK it doesn't recognize these old-style piston parts or brick-built cylinders.)

Again, the two values I need to find are:

  • The distance to move the piston rod along the Y-axis, and
  • The angle to rotate point A around point B so that it connects with axle C

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  U-Joint shortcuts
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2019-09-24, 1:45 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (5)

There's a bit of a debate about U-Joint shortcuts going on on the PT.

Here's my take:

There are 2 ends and a center for each U-joint.  

The ends are 3712 - https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-par...artid=3712 [Image: 3712.png]
These parts have only ever come in color 7 or 71

The center has 2 types:
3326a - https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-par...rtid=3326a [Image: 3326a.png]
This came in color 7, 71, and 79
3326b - https://www.ldraw.org/parts/official-par...rtid=3326b [Image: 3326b.png]
This came in color 7, 71

The current shortcut, 3712c01.dat, uses 3326a and is color 16 for all 3 parts

There are updated shortcuts on the PT that hard code the center color. There is some debate about these here:

This thread is intended to continue that discussion.

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  Proposal: New !DATA meta-command for embedded textures
Posted by: Travis Cobbs - 2019-09-23, 23:10 - Forum: Standards Board - Replies (4)

Note: this is in response to this thread.

This is a proposal to add a new !DATA meta-command that can be used to embed texture data into model files (for use with unofficial parts in an OMR model). The proposed specification for the new meta-statement follows. Please discuss.


This document describes the !DATA meta-statement, which contains a set of commands for embedding binary data into LDraw files.

New meta-statement token


This is the main data-embedding meta-command.

Reuse of existing meta-statement token


This will be used to specify a BASE-64 encoded data stream. This token was introduced with the !TEXMAP meta-statement, and will be reused here for three reasons: its reuse will not interfere with its use in !TEXMAP; it is useful for the same reasons that it was useful in !TEXMAP; and !DATA is only useful right now for embedding texture data for use with !TEXMAP, so the two meta-statements are related to each other.


0 !: <data1>
0 !: <data2>
0 !: <datan>


This meta-statement allows for BASE-64 encoded data to be used inside a multi-part-dat (MPD) file. The decoded binary data replaces of the embedded MPD sub-file.

  1. This meta-statement must come after the 0 FILE meta-statement signifying a sub-file in a multi-part-dat (MPD) file.
  2. The FILE that the DATA belongs to must not contain any geometry.
  3. The FILE must contain one and only one DATA section.
  4. The FILE may contain header information.
  5. All characters after 0 !: that are not valid BASE-64 characters must be ignored. (This is intended to allow white-space characters to be placed in the line, but still applies to all other characters that are not valid BASE-64 characters.)
  6. Each 0 !: line except for the last must contain exactly 76 encoded characters.
  7. The last 0 !: line must contain no more than 76 encoded characters.

0 FILE main.ldr
0 Author: Roland Melkert
1 15  -40 -20 0  1 0 0  0 0 1  0 1 0 plane.dat

0 FILE plane.dat
0 plane texmap test

0 !TEXMAP START PLANAR  0 0 0  40 0 0  0 0 40  checker123yyz.png
4 16  0 0 0  40 0 0  40 0 40  0 0 40

0 FILE checker123yyz.png
0 !:AABJRU5ErkJggg==

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  Helmet 50665
Posted by: Jaco van der Molen - 2019-09-23, 19:01 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (10)

Hi all,

I am looking for this one

[Image: 6259920]
I think it has not been made?
If so, can someone make it?

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