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  Ninjago Snake Parts request
Posted by: Andrew1 - 2022-06-27, 2:31 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (7)

Hello! I was wondering if I could get parts 
98154pb03 https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/cat...3#T=C&C=89
98140pb11 https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/cat...9#T=C&C=89
41202 https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/cat...=41202#T=C
49588pb01 https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/cat...88pb01#T=C
All requested. Sorry if they are a little complex

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  9v motor 2838c01
Posted by: Roland Melkert - 2022-06-24, 19:15 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (5)

Hello all,

I just noticed you can't (cleanly) inline 2838c01 (9V motor) because it has a couple of loose quads.

imho it should just have type 1 lines so you can inline it in order to animate the drive axle.

adjusting 2839a might also fix the need for those quads?

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  [Tool/Web] Get specific part by id out or LDraw with all needed files included
Posted by: Christoph Reum - 2022-06-24, 14:42 - Forum: LDraw File Processing and Conversion - Replies (9)

Hello together,

first post here - so first of all: Thanks for the great efforts, people put into LDraw library - this is just amazing!

To contribute a little back, I wrote myself a web-based tool which gives one the posibility to search and download specific parts as one single zip-file out of the LDraw library which just includes all sub assemblies which are needed for the part of choice.

The zip-files' folder structure is prepared to be included into Studios' customParts folder (I know, we are in the LDraw forums here - so nevertheless, the tool might still be useful for some people in non-Studio-scenarios).

URL: https://www.reum.it/ldraw-to-studio-exporter/

Examples as direct-download Links:

*The tool is including all license / legal-related files of LDraw into all created zip-files.

Hope it helps some here, best regards!

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Sad Rock Raiders: missing minifig heads and torsos
Posted by: Thom Kok - 2022-06-24, 7:16 - Forum: Part Requests - No Replies

Hey Guys Big Grin ! I was looking for the Rock Raiders torso and head parts, but I was not able to find them. I would like to request them if possible:







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Wink Is there any way to quickly and perfectly build a circle in LDCAD
Posted by: HWQ - 2022-06-21, 3:52 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (1)

I created a circle with' templates --rubber band 'and changed the name to 3024.dat, but the 3024 parts are interspersed

Quote:0 FILE main.ldr
0 Author: LDraw
1 179 60 -136 -120 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 rubberBandSquare-2.ldr
0 FILE rubberBandSquare-2.ldr
0 Author: LDCad
0 !CATEGORY technic
0 !KEYWORDS flexible, band
0 !LDCAD CONTENT [type=path] [addFallBack=default] [looped=true] [displayKind=mm] [curveStep=0] [displayLenCor=0]

0 !LDCAD PATH_POINT [type=circle] [posOri=0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1] [prevCPDist=25] [nextCPDist=25] [cirR=69.5] [cirDir=xyCW] [prevYRoll=0] [nextYRoll=0]

0 !LDCAD PATH_SKIN [donCol=16] [donOri=1 0 0 0 0 1 0 -1 0] [donPart=3024.dat] [donYSize=100%] [donCen=absCen] [donCenYOfs=0] [donFinScale=fitDon2Seg] [donPlace=refsStat] [donYAlign=0] [donInline=false] [segSize=100%] [segSizeTol=0] [segsCnt=0] [segsGrp=0] [segsMaxMerge=0] [segsMrgAng=0] [segsMrgRollAng=0] [segsEdgeDelKind=keepFirstLeft]

[Image: FADSHU6GVHH1JFN.jpg?auto=webp&frame=1&fi...ba28f3495f]

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  Le Daily Bugle - 76178
Posted by: Adrien - 2022-06-20, 15:44 - Forum: Official Models - Replies (3)

Bonjour a tous je me suis balader sur le site et j'ai vu de nombreuse belle chose ! Smile 
je tiens a m'excusez parce que je parle pas bien L'anglais. Je me suis dis que sa pourrais peut-être intéresser certaine personne. Actuellement je travaille sur Leocad et je suis entrain de travailler sur le Daily Bugle évidement il n'y a pas de sticker et oui j'en suis qu'au debut ^^ mais Je vous partage quand même une image et si des gens l'ont déjà fait j'aimerais beaucoup voir le résultat Final .

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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  Request for altered and new parts
Posted by: Stephan den Ridder - 2022-06-19, 17:38 - Forum: Part Requests - Replies (10)

I would like to request the following parts if possible:

- 80028-f2.dat, but 25% compressed. I would like to use that one for Lego Digital Designer because it will have the looks but not the issues of a non-compressed spring.
- 70694
- 35635
- 80677
- 68547
- 40145

Thanks in advance!

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  Reusing attachments
Posted by: Roland Melkert - 2022-06-18, 21:20 - Forum: Website Suggestions/Requests/Discussion - No Replies

I just noticed you can not use (your own) attachments from previous posts in a new one.

I wanted to reuse the LDCad Alpha 2 picture for the Alpha 2a release, but it just prints the



Ended up inserting a picture using the direct image link.

Just wondering if this is disabled on purpose or a limitation of the forum.

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  LDCad 1.7 Alpha 2a (win+linux)
Posted by: Roland Melkert - 2022-06-18, 21:12 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (41)

Hello all,

I've solved all the reported Alpha 2 issues and made a new version.

Besides bug fixes I've also added 2 new minor features to the part bin:
- Hiding of zero count items during count down mode is now optional.
- Negative searching using the '!' character, eg: "1x1 !round" to get all 1x1 parts except the round ones.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=7884]

So be sure to make backups of your work before changing them with this Alpha version.

The new version can be downloaded here:

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  Town 1992
Posted by: Takeshi Takahashi - 2022-06-18, 12:40 - Forum: Official Models - Replies (25)

Town sets released in 1992 (Split from 1980's and 1990's Thread)
The topics of this year are:
* IN:  Paradisa subtheme, along with pink and light-green bricks
* IN:  Octan brand (fictional petroleum company in Lego world)
* IN: Plastic sails for surfboards and sailboats
* IN: Minifig heads other than standard grin
* OUT: Roman sans-serif police logo

Updated: Added stickers, used official parts, corrected misplaced and obsoleted parts

.mpd   6346 - Shuttle Launching Crew.mpd (Size: 26.34 KB / Downloads: 2)

Currently not OMR compliant (unofficial stickers not inlined)
Missing items: none

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