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  10129 - Rebel Snowspeeder
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-27, 16:14 - Forum: Official Models - No Replies

Not OMR Spec complient

Attached Files
.mpd   10129.mpd (Size: 79.74 KB / Downloads: 3)
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  n00b who can't add a part
Posted by: Hamish Woodman - 2011-09-26, 19:20 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (12)

So I'm a digital Lego newbie getting my head around MLCad, solid piece of work, but I find that part 56145 - a reinforced wheel - doesn't seem to be in the parts list (thought I was being stupid, looked up the part number, ctrl+f says it's really not there). Huh. Do a bit of searching around, and find this: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cg.../56145.dat

OK... gotcha. I'm feeling more up to speed now. So after gazing over the ReadMe I add 56145.dat to LDraw/parts and the 6 subfiles to LDraw/parts/s... restart MLCad, not there... run mklist and run MLCad... no part. OK... so in MLCad I go FileScan Parts... no new parts found... still no part.


Are there any pros out there who know what I'm doing wrong? Would greatly appreciate
a bit of advice! If it changes anything I'm running a 64-bit Win-7 environment.

Thanks in advance.


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  [MLCad] MLCad grp file
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-23, 13:23 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (5)

Over the years that I used MLCad, before I switched to OSX and the very awesome Favorites list in Bricksmith, I customized my .grp file to group parts a little more specifically to avoid hunting around in the "Other" group. I've attached that file in the hopes that someone will find it useful.

Attached Files
.grp   MLCad.grp (Size: 652 bytes / Downloads: 0)
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Posted by: Santeri Piippo - 2011-09-22, 9:46 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (2)

'ello folks, long time no see! (again)

I've been contemplating about modeling the part 60920, which is the wing part found in the Antroz set in 2008. I'll need to get my tool set back and get the color 216 quadrilaterals off me, but I'd believe I can manage this one.

One little question, though - the part seems to be black with blended dark red - how am I supposed to deal with this? The first idea that comes to mind is to subpart the mostly dark red "base" bit from the totally black wing blade and make two composites: a 60920.dat where both parts are of main color and 60920p01.dat where the base is dark red and the blade is black.

Would this be the way to go or do we have a new standard for this kind of parts?

- Santeri

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Posted by: Chris Doherty - 2011-09-21, 23:01 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - No Replies


I didn't see any kind of Welcome thread, so i just picked this one as a "general discussion" seemed most appropriate. Hope you all don't mind... I've been spying on many of you for a while in lugnet now, and almost feel like I know you, so i figured I'd step out of the shadows (now that I can find a sign up page!) and now you can know me. I don't mind if this gets moved to a more appropriate forum.

I'm Chris. I'm approaching 40 years old. I have a wife and two kids. I live in the rural US, but you don't need to know where exactly Wink

First time poster, long time lurker. I've actually been reading along on lugnet for the last 2 -3 years or so, which is about when I first found LDraw. I wish I'd found it 10 years ago. Anyway, I had some fun with it building some of the Classic Space sets of my youth (my flickr - also has a couple pics I built with Google Sketchup prior to finding LDraw). Around the same time, my young son's interest in LEGO was sparked, so not long after starting to play with LDraw and POV-Ray, I switched back to the real thing and significantly built up my son's collection. But, I still follow the discussion on lugnet and now here. I still play with LDraw now and then, just not often.

I have hobby-level skill in programming (in other words, i can do some simple stuff), and some day I may try making something useful for others. I have made a tool to take a POV-Ray mesh and create a smooth mesh, calculating all those normals. You have to cut/copy the mesh out of the PR file and paste it back in after processing. Not very advanced, so there is some issues with the output, but it more or less works and can look better than the non-smooth mesh. I wonder if I could find what happened to that program....

Nice to finally meet you all,


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  10030 - Imperial Star Destroyer
Posted by: Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-21, 16:08 - Forum: Official Models - Replies (7)

- This file is not compliant with the new OMR Spec.
- There are some part substitutions, most notably the cater piece for the top dome.
- Plastic bends, LDraw parts don't. The angles in this model lead to very minor piece misalignments. They're hard to see but they are there if you look for them.

Attached Files
.mpd   10030.mpd (Size: 79.52 KB / Downloads: 6)
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  LEdit does not work on my system
Posted by: Dorian Jarosz - 2011-09-18, 16:44 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (2)

I am a new memeber in this web site and I have interested in building on LDraw for many years. But I have a problem. I can't run LEdit, and an information appears that my system, Windows 7, doesn't support full screen for DOS applications. Can you tell me how can I fix the problem with the full screen object of DOS application on my system? Thanks in advance!

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  [Forum Request] Proper names for users of the forums
Posted by: Tim Gould - 2011-09-18, 5:26 - Forum: General LDraw.org Discussion - Replies (1)

Dear all,

It's been a long-standing tradition of LDraw that proper names (personal and family name) should be made available. This is a request to all members of these forums to maintain this tradition.

This doesn't mean you cannot have a username. Many of us do. What it does mean is that your profile (access by Control Center->Edit My Profile) should contain at least one of your proper names and preferably both.

This also has a secondary benefit. It means that the Admins here can more easily identify likely link-spam candidates and delete them making everyone's life better. If we see someone who hasn't posted in a month or so and who hasn't filled in any details we'll know they're probably a spammer.

Thanks for your help,


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  Looking for part 30342
Posted by: A. Pasello - 2011-09-17, 15:23 - Forum: Parts Authoring - Replies (4)

Hi, i'm new here. I'm building the Imperial Star Destroyer with MLCad. The work is about 90% complete, but i cannot find the part 30342 aka "Rock Bottom with Craters" (Peeron link). It is a piece of the deflector shield generator domes on the top of the turret. I cannot find it in this list, so i think it has not been created yet. Am I wrong?
Did someone create it? If not, is someone going to create it?
I would like to help but i don't know how.

Thank you for your time.

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  Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad
Posted by: HanSolo - 2011-09-17, 11:28 - Forum: LDraw Editors and Viewers - Replies (4)

i've made in the last few weeks a list of bugs/suggestions for MLCad. Maybe there are few things, which are already corrected or possible, but I just didn't know. I hope I can help you with that:

  • The undo-function (Ctrl + Z) doesn't work for me!
  • Give the possibility to fix single parts on the grid, so that to move them (as long as not unfixed again) is not possible. It always happen to me, that i move some parts by accident, and especially when I put the "fine grid" on, it is very cumbersome to move the part back to position.
  • To handle the 3D-View is very complicated. The position should be changed, when using the mouse, only in two directions (like it is handled in LDView) or at least the possiblity should be given in the settings. In my opinion the third direction, which makes it possible to slope the view is practically of little use.
  • When putting new parts on to the grid from the parts-list, the new part should be orientated to the actual last part, which was placed. For example, it is also possible to place a part, by copying one from the grid or orientate the new part by a selected one on the grid. But when you put a new part from the list on to the grid, the position of the last part, which was copied or orientetated by selecting an other one is ignored. Instead the new part is given the same orientation of the last part, which also put directly from the parts-list on to the grid.
    So, if your last part was part is not exactly on the grid, because you rotated and it and it is in a sloping position, you always have to realign the new part, by editing the position manually, what is very time-consuming. Maybe there should also be a possibility to realign the new part with one click to standard-position.
  • Give the possibility, to select single parts in 3D-View, maybe by left double-clicking. Because it is often not possible to select a part by the other views (because other parts are in the way). This would make many things much easier!
  • Also give the possibilty to change the rotation-point of the 3D View by selecting a part.
  • If you use the scrollbars to align the view in the 3D-View and then use the mouse to rotate, the the view always jumps back starting position, so you have always to scroll again.
  • If no part is selected the arrow keys could be used, to scroll the view.
  • When selecting more than one part if is not possibile to select an other part, which is already in the range of selection but not already selected.
  • The parts in the parts-list could be grouped by model, because it the list is far too long (if you want to select brick 1x2 you have to scrol down brick 1x1, brick 1x1 with blue "0", brick 1x1 with blue "1", .... and hundreds of others.). At least there should be the possiblity in the settings.
  • simple search-strings should be allowed, when searching for parts
  • Sometimes the search-function (especially continue searching) doesn't work, even if the parts-list or parts-preview windows are selected.

I also have some questions Smile:
  • Is there a key to place a part in the Y-direction? (the arrowkeys are for X and Z)
  • How can i change the color of the parts in the parts-list?
  • What is the shortcut for dissolving a group?

Thank you for creating and developing MLCAD further!


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