LDCad Part Snapping missing/errors

RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
(2020-04-04, 17:42)N. W. Perry Wrote: Round tile 2x2 (14769.dat) is missing the connection on the center underside stud.

For that matter, I've noticed that snapping info is not generally included for any of the in-between underside studs/tubes on 2x or larger parts (not to mention the space between studs on the top surface). I'm sure this is intentional and I can fully understand the reason.

But I think it's worth including for the 2x2 round tile, since having that connection is fundamental to the (re-)design of the part.

Yes those are missing on purpose.

The main reason being the LDCad snapping engine only searches for a single connection pair when dragging stuff around. So the middle 6ldu hole would make it snap 'wrong' 95% of the time.

That said, you might be right about this part being used more often in that way.

This is the exact reason I'm considering adding a 'priority' property to the snapping metas in 1.7, which should reduce the false matches considerably.
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