Technic 1977

Technic 1977
Thread for the inaugural year of Technic sets.
853/956 - Auto Chassis
853/956 - Auto Chassis (main model)


My first model submission!

No known errors, but a few spots are "unbuildable" in LDraw, because they depend on the natural tolerance of physical plastic (common among early Technic/Expert Builder sets):
  • Where the steering tie rods join the control arms, the pins are not "in click" with the 2x4 Technic plates.
  • The inclined 1x8 Technic bricks of the steering column are slightly out of alignment at their upper connection point.
  • The rear suspension "struts" are well out of alignment at their upper connection point, such that the 4L axles are considerably compressed into the toggle joints.
OMR compliant, made with LDCad 1.6c (under Wine)

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RE: 853/956 - Auto Chassis
Nicely done!
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