LDCad Part Snapping missing/errors

RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
I wanted to add support for using the github (green button) 'code' zip as-is, only to discover a minor bug is the only thing preventing it working in the older versions.

The bug concerns how LDCad decides if a compressed library is a shadow library.

Current versions only test for the .csl extension, if it has something else it will (due to the bug) fallback to using the filename as a folder which will fail.

The issue has been fixed in 1.7 Beta 1.

But if you want to use the latest shadow as found in github with 1.6 or 1.7 alpha, you must rename LDCadShadowLibrary-main.zip to LDCadShadowLibrary-main.csl. before using it in LDCad.
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