LDCad Part Snapping missing/errors

RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
(2022-07-12, 13:16)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Ah, OK. I think I am up to date, but will check. Tnx for pointing this out.


I am slightly confused about something,

I can see that there is (for example) shadow/p/stud.dat but why does ldraw/parts/3024.dat not just use that?
instead, there is shadow/parts/3024.dat and it uses shadow/p/stud.dat, and then shadow/parts/3024.dat links to /ldraw/parts/3024.dat

Because then LDRAW part authors can just use shadow/p/ (which will almost always have the correct primative in it anyway) and not wait for ldcad to update /shadow/parts

Now I know 3024 has all of the primative snapping info intact but what about something like ldraw/parts/86996.dat which most probably have the correct primative snapping in the shadow library, but is not snapping on the bottom (antistud/clutch)

Perhaps someone can clear this up? If this is not on-topic I guess I could just PM roland.
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