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(2020-08-07, 2:52)N. W. Perry Wrote: But I actually want the Roland-file to override mine, that's OK. I only want to keep any of my additional files that haven't made it into the "official" package yet. It sounded like those wouldn't get overwritten.

For unofficial parts it's no problem; the shadow info can even be baked into the main file. For official parts, you can only choose one shadow library per search path, but I suppose I can duplicate the official search path (same main folder, but different shadow libs). Keep the offLib as a zipped library, and use an unpacked one for saving my own additions/corrections. Would that work?

The .sf will sync offLibShadow.csl as a whole.

So you'll need to unpack it (again) yourself. I sugest first renaming the original unpacked folder so you can visualize changes with e.g. winmerge.

Each search location has only one shadow as the content will be appended to the pure part files before parsing start.
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