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RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
(2020-07-09, 18:23)Stefan Frenz Wrote: I have no idea if this is my fault or maybe I missed something, but perhaps it has to do with part snapping: using 35563 (Cone 4x2x4 Half with Roof Tiles, I think it was in the last LDraw part update) as upper part and trying to snap this with the bottom to the upper side of a below 48310 (Cone 8x4x6 Half), the part is 1/2 stud (10 LDU) beside the "real" studs..

Yes, that's because the upper part has no snap info of its own, but it is inheriting the snap for the bottom stud tube. So it's connecting that to the hollow studs of the lower cone.

Adding the following pair of lines to 35563 should work:

0 !LDCAD SNAP_CYL [gender=F] [caps=one] [secs=R 6 4] [pos=0 96 -30] [grid=C 4 1 20 0]
0 !LDCAD SNAP_CYL [gender=F] [caps=one] [secs=R 6 4] [pos=0 96 -10] [grid=C 2 1 60 0]
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