LDCad Part Snapping missing/errors

RE: Part Snapping missing/errors
I've finished the snapping info for the 1903 library.

I also processed all thing people mailed me about and things mentioned above up to message #13.

Thanks for all whom contributed.

You can (always) download the latest seed file at:

Just replace the old one in LDCad's seeds location  (subfolder of the exe file).

Some notes

I can't find 75181, did you mean 61485 ? although that one has snapping info.

"All the flex-system hoses have no snap info."
They do have info, but only for the end caps, or did you mean the bended parts. LDCad doesn't support that at the moment, maybe in 1.7

I applied your #5 definitions with some minor changes which should make it somewhat easier to use. Feel free to review.
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