[LDPartEditor] 0.8.20 Beta Released

RE: Duplicate buttons / "Toggle Comment" in 3D
I do understand the need for duplicated sets of tools, since we have the possibillity of having different files open in each editor.

What I'm asking for is, if I remember correctly, similar to what Willy also have asked for, making the selected object directly editable in the text editor. As a user I want to select objects in the 3D viewer, use Show Selection in Text Editor, and then edit them in the text editor.
As it is made now, I have to select the highlighted objects again, before I can edit it. (And maybe it should stay like that.)

To me, the Ghost button is not good enough. I don't like the Unhide All-function. I want to have better control of my hidden objects. I hide different sections of the part I'm working on using the Toggle comment-button instead. And I can't see which objects are "hidden" in the text editor.

I do like the "Join Selection (Text Editor)". It made turning them into comments easier. (but it also wrecks the structure of my file....)
I can learn to work with the Ghost-button and use Toggle Comments if I want to.

I appreciate that you want to add more to the User Manual instead.

Bug report:
Having many open tabs in either editor, and hovering over the Close-cross, the cross turns red.
I can click on any of the crosses, but only the active tab will be closed instead. Not the tab I clicked in.
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