need help on color identification

need help on color identification
After creating the Hips And Legs with Scale Armor Pattern, it turned out that there are at least two versions of the hips & legs pattern with different colors.
While one difference (the brown belt) is easy to see, i have a problem with identifying the color of the very dark red colored hanging cloth: [Image: ident1.jpg]

On the same pattern, i'm not sure which color to choose for the dark armor scales. The brighter ones are "Metallic Silver" (code 80), and i took "Speckle Dark Bluish Gray" (code 76) for all the dark ones. Because the pattern of the Rohan Soldier uses the same colors, i want to be clear which colors i have to use:
[Image: ident2.jpg]

I tried "Flat Silver" (code 179), but then the contrast between the scales seems to low.

Any suggestions?
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