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need help on color identification - Christian Neumann - 2013-02-24

After creating the Hips And Legs with Scale Armor Pattern, it turned out that there are at least two versions of the hips & legs pattern with different colors.
While one difference (the brown belt) is easy to see, i have a problem with identifying the color of the very dark red colored hanging cloth: [Image: ident1.jpg]

On the same pattern, i'm not sure which color to choose for the dark armor scales. The brighter ones are "Metallic Silver" (code 80), and i took "Speckle Dark Bluish Gray" (code 76) for all the dark ones. Because the pattern of the Rohan Soldier uses the same colors, i want to be clear which colors i have to use:
[Image: ident2.jpg]

I tried "Flat Silver" (code 179), but then the contrast between the scales seems to low.

Any suggestions?