UTF8 encoding bug in part u588p02c03.dat?

UTF8 encoding bug in part u588p02c03.dat?
During fixing of utf8 handling in LDCad I stumbled on this part: "u588p02c03.dat".

One of the keyword lines seems mangled. Even in utf8 editors (it comes out partly Korean or something).

This can't be right?

The line above it (with elephant etc) does contains valid utf8 coding though.
no, it's correct :-)
no, the file is correct :-)

it contains these characters:

Try pasting them into Google translate :-)

we took them from a Korean Fabuland book...

Now that our LDRAW files are UTF-8 there's no reason that we stick to the English-speaking world ;-)

You can e.g. confirm that the file is correct by opening it with a good UTF-8 capable tool.

Microsoft Word for example will recognize the file as UTF-8 encoded and show all characters correctly.
Re: no, it's correct :-)
Huh, cool. Looks correct in Bricksmith, FWIW:

[Image: u588p02c03unicode.png]

I had no idea I had elephant-men in my LDraw library.
Re: no, it's correct :-)
Steffen Wrote:
> no, the file is correct :-)
> it contains these characters:
> エドワードエレファント

Ah ok, for some reason it didn't look 'completely' Korean to me, probably because of the 'I' en '-' looking chars I guess.

Just wanted to be sure my code handles it correctly.

this is also a good test...
...for the proper UTF-8 handling of this forum :-)
sorry: not Korean. instead: Japanese.

I had remembered wrongly what we did on the PT when releasing the part.
Re: sorry
Is there someplace where the old PT votes and comments are stored for currently official parts, just for reference to see how things were resolved in the past in order to establish precedent, etc. (for those of us who weren't around at the time and thus can't simply remember).
Re: sorry
Yes, but I don't think this would be useful to provide access to this - the Parts Tracker should not become a discussion forum. Library-wide decisions that are taken during review on the Parts Tracker should be documented elsewhere.
Chris (LDraw Parts Library Admin)
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