Question for MLCAD 3.4

Re: Question for MLCAD 3.4
This is a frequently asked,
frequently answered question Smile

Citing :

Quote:Please remember: These are unofficial parts. They may be incomplete, or inaccurate, and it is possible that when they are officially released they may be changed in ways that could mess up any model you use them in. This is far more likely for Held parts than Certified parts.

To emphasise this: unofficial files can change in ANY way you can imagine.
That's why they are unofficial.
Restricting our corrections to them would handcuff ourselves.
Once they've been reviewed and become official, we keep files downwards compatible as far as possible.
NEVER rely on unofficial parts.
If you want to use them in a model to pass to someone else, best practice is to put everything
unofficial into a MPD file instead of just passing the model's LDR without the required unofficial parts.
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