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Full Version: Question for MLCAD 3.4
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When I was making 10233 Horizon Express using SR3D, I found some parts were missing.
I asked the parts at 'Part Request', and I got two of them recently.

Because it was too hard for me to find where the part must be replaced by new one in text code,
I decided to use MLCAD for part replacing function.

But when I loaded 10233 file, MLCAD couldn't show my model, even though SR3D and LDview showed it correctly.
In below screen capture, you can see that MLCAD loaded the codes, but it couldn't show image: (see 10233-1.ldr)
[Image: a0111809_511dde46d1f6e.png]

I tried to find where was wrong with my model by deleting some parts of codes one by one group,
and I could find the code group that occurred the problem. (see test.ldr)

10233-2.ldr has the codes that removes test.ldr code from 10233-1.ldr.
MLCAD shows 10233-2.ldr correctly like below:
[Image: a0111809_511dde47af561.png]

I am curious whether I found a bug in MLCAD 3.4, it was just a problem with my computer, or any solution for this problem.
As a reference, I installed MLCAD using All-In-One-Installer-2012-03 version and I am using windows 7.

If you have any idea, comment it, please.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Kwon,
It must be something wrong on your machine, all three files display fine here in MLCad 3.4...

Thanks for your comment.

I will check my system.

When I open your 10233-1.ldr file, I got messages as below, where can I download those parts files?
[Image: parts.jpg]
92280 is not yet official: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?s=92280
4023c01 is a shortcut, not yet unofficial either: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?s=4023c01
30552 is a rename of old (unknown part number then) 481.dat: http://www.ldraw.org/cgi-bin/ptdetail.cgi?s=30552

Remember that you can download all unofficial parts at once here: http://www.ldraw.org/library/tracker/
I have taken your 10233-1.ldr and opened it with MPDCenter.
Then I used the command "import unofficial parts".
The result is the attached mpd content file.
Will unofficial parts retain their names in the future? Or will they be renamed when they become "official"?
This is a frequently asked,
frequently answered question Smile

Citing http://www.ldraw.org/library/tracker :

Quote:Please remember: These are unofficial parts. They may be incomplete, or inaccurate, and it is possible that when they are officially released they may be changed in ways that could mess up any model you use them in. This is far more likely for Held parts than Certified parts.

To emphasise this: unofficial files can change in ANY way you can imagine.
That's why they are unofficial.
Restricting our corrections to them would handcuff ourselves.
Once they've been reviewed and become official, we keep files downwards compatible as far as possible.
NEVER rely on unofficial parts.
If you want to use them in a model to pass to someone else, best practice is to put everything
unofficial into a MPD file instead of just passing the model's LDR without the required unofficial parts.
OK thanks!