LDPE 1.8.56 Beta Released (lines+surface intersections/ shortkeys/ empty subfile warnings)

Unlinking inlining is unlikely going to happen
(2022-05-27, 9:25)Fredrik Hareide Wrote: Would also be nice to have an option to reestablish the link. So un-inlining in a way. Or is that already an option?

I am not so convinced to implement this.
You can easily do manual unlinking by deleting the content from the file and adjust the !LPE INLINE meta command in a few seconds.

My main concern is that this un-inlining feature will delete something from the file and the user will be worried where the work is now.
Un-inlining will also forcing an override on the target subfile (it has to, by design, to keep the information).

I don't want to increase the complexity with an un-inlining feature and a potential for merge conflicts.
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