looking for ldcad linkage animation help

RE: looking for ldcad linkage animation help
(2021-12-14, 19:35)David Manley Wrote: In the function on4BarFrame, towards the end of the function, immediately after the line

driver_lo = ldc.subfile():getRef("driver.ldr")

insert this

      math.deg(rotation_angle_ln) * 5,
      (animation_rotation_axis_mn == 1 and -1 or 0),
      (animation_rotation_axis_mn == 2 and -1 or 0),
      (animation_rotation_axis_mn == 3 and -1 or 0)

By way of an explanation, the code tweak I did for your "08" model leveraged that the angle of rotation of the crank was the same as the angle of rotation required by the driver. Since it was a 1:1 speed ratio and with the rotation in the same direction, it could use the same rotation matrix. This amendment is multiplying the angle by 5 and computing a different rotation matrix for the driver. The sign of the X, Y or Z axis is inverted (set to -1) so that the rotation is in the opposite direction.



Thank you very much
Now the final aninamtion is perfect
Thanks again

Here comes a new problem in a new assembly(i'm confussed at how to subfile the assembly,tried several times counld't make the right animation . at last , i find maybe it's not the matter about how to  subfile the assembly )

the left rocker should move follow the right rocker , but I tried , could't make it

i'v upload  the files to googledrive files

Looking forward to your help
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