Restore "Preserving the integrity of the LDraw name"

RE: Restore "Preserving the integrity of the LDraw name"
(2020-07-01, 8:20)Willy Tschager Wrote: Sorry for the fuss. Please remove them again. Looks like the community doesn't think we should care about branding altogether.


Willy, I think the approach is to branding is important, but concerning (standard) paths, as I mention in the chat as an example, there are sometimes path-names, where the the IP/licensing of the name is not anymore in place, I do not know if e.g. there is even a legal way to "keep brand/company names in  a path" even if I do not have the license anymore. In this example the IP was even split and two new companies kept using it. Changing them might bring unforeseen consequences. Now upper/lower for Windows it doesn't matter, but we should give consideration on what will happen with Linux (not being a user of it myself) Also may be Travis shall have a look at the Library Update function. to e.g. take care of the user-set path (which is in my case "./2_LDRAW/LIB/", so I cannot use it as well.

IMHO the pages you mentioned should be reworked, reflecting a more current stance (not forgetting the long and valuable history), with a focus on how LDraw is/shall be presented/used.

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