LDraw.org Part Numbering Draft

RE: LDraw.org Part Numbering Draft
(2020-06-05, 19:12)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Added this text.

I find Willy's wording a bit confusing.
I've never heard of "Ldraw Design ID" or "LDraw Element ID". That's LEGO nomenclatura.
We call a partnumber "Name" in the header (for some reason I dont understand).

And please also include something about the LEGO use of "DesignID" on both parts, printed parts, and multicoloured parts.
It the Tan 1x2 brick is printed it gets a different DesignID. And if the same print (DesignID) is on a yellow brick it gets a different ElementID.

Or maybe not. I don't like the use of "DesignID" in this text since it is used very confusingly by LEGO.
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