Missing color in LDConfig

RE: Missing color in LDConfig
0                              // LEGOID 179 - Silver Flip-flop
0 !COLOUR Flat_Silver                                          CODE 179  VALUE #898788  EDGE #333333                              PEARLESCENT

0                              // LEGOID 296 / 131 / 315 - Cool Silver / Silver / Silver Metallic
0 !COLOUR Pearl_Light_Grey                                      CODE 135  VALUE #A0A0A0  EDGE #333333                              PEARLESCENT

Why color list lists Silver Flip-flop as Flat Silver, and Cool Silver, Silver and Silver Metallic as a single color named "Pearl Light Gray"? Lego Silver colors is a bit convoluted topic, I know it, but current listing of those colors seem to be pretty incorrect with merging 3 of silver colors, and calling one of them "Flat Silver", putting it into similar name with very different color Flat Dark Gold, more typical pearl color unlike Silver Flip-flop (which has it's own copper and gold counterparts)
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