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(2020-01-10, 9:05)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: There is some consistency problem on PT concerning the link texts and what they point to:
- in detail page/required/related subfiles, title text points to detail page while part_number.dat allows to download file. Perfect imho.
- in activity page, there is only a link on part_number.dat, but it points to detail page. I'd like it to download file, and get a link on title pointing to detail page
- Similar problem in parts list, i'd like part_number.dat to directly download file (and, for sake of consistency, show the .dat extension)
- I guess that file scan could/should be homogeneized too, with link to download on part_number.dat, link to detail page on part title, and link column with only the events link.

Even more nitpicking, use bold face for title in activity/list/scan pages like it is used in detail page.

I'm not really sure I want to do this. I actually changed it to the way it is now when we rethemed the PT since I was tired of clicking on a link and getting the download instead of the details page. I don't really want the "part list" pages to have links that download the file unless it is explicitly marked as such. If you want download links in the "part list" pages I'd rather have a style like the file scan page.

My mind is not made up so if you (or anyone else) can come up with a better solution, I'll consider it.
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