Some of my youth town series models

RE: Some of my youth town series models
In principial the files are OMR compliant, but 3 little things.

First the file names should be renamed to for example "6608 - Tractor.mpd" without the Qualifier after the set number.

Base File Naming
Each model in the OMR will consist of several files that are packaged together into a single MPD file. For sets that include instructions for multiple models, each model will have its own MPD file. Each MPD for the set will be named in the following manner:
<Set Number>[-<Optional Qualifier>] - <Set Name>[ - <Sub Model Name>]

The optional Qualifier is not mandatory and gets added only if there is more than one set that could be assigned the same.
The first set using a given number would be understood to never contain the qualifier however numbering should start with the oldest set and some investigation should be done in existing set databases.

If the Model only use one .ldr file, this file shoud be insert in a .mpd file.

Third: The file 7733-1 - Truck & contains a .png file not the .ldr file.

I have OMRized the files and attached.
I will upload the the files to the OMR asap.


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