Some of my youth town series models

RE: Some of my youth town series models
(2019-05-02, 15:10)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: The forklift is not on the same level as the truck and seems floating in mid air Wink

Are you using rubber black for the tires? they look quite shiny...

this is a special version of the forklift its levitation version lol.  Wink

i made the pbg file grabbed from rebricable. The colors are the ones set from Rebricable, i did not change them. i will pay attention on that detail. and re render to check how it looks.

Now that you mention that i though the same, the render was too shinny but i thought it was due how the render was done not due the material, now im rendering a new one with rubber black on the wheels and let you show.


[Image: afxHT01.png]

They look better but dont know if they look natural either.
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