Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a

RE: Original Grey Technic motor from 1977: 6216a
(2018-03-30, 14:44)Magnus Forsberg Wrote:
(2018-03-29, 21:37)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: I think we should arrange it like other motors have been arranged.
One static, complete housing (without the axle) + one user adaptable axle.
motor = body (complete (casing+core)) + axle (complete (steel axle + plastic axle))

motor(complete) = (body(complete, made of casing part+ core part)) + (axle(complete, made of steel axle part + plastic axle part)).

We like to have the motor casing as a separate shortcut without the axle, and the axle as a separate part, so that a user could rotate the axle to any position he/she wants.

(2018-03-29, 22:30)Jens Bauer Wrote: About the length of the axle - I'm not sure what you mean. Protrude -do you mean the front or the back ?

The steel axle, in 6216m.dat, is visible if out peek into the holes at the back of the motor. I think it is too long.

Regarding the motor (complete) ... At first I thought you meant joining the main housing and the rear piece in one file.
-But I now understand that you want to have the motor without an axle, so the axle can be rotated.
I can certainly see the benefit in this. Smile

... The axle being visible through the hole...
My brother and I used to drill a small hole (around the size of a prong-hole) for lubricating the motor, so it would not squeak any longer.
As I recall it, the axle was fairly close to the hole. Unfortunately I do not have a motor where I am, so I can't open one.

BTW: Magnus, I'm currently in the process of adding some pictures to a web-site, you may find some of them interesting.
I'm not done yet, so it's a draft-site and more pictures will be added as I find them.
Hover the mouse over each picture and you should see a 'tool-tip' showing some information about the picture.
Each picture can be opened full-size.
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