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(2017-11-12, 20:02)David Manley Wrote:
(2017-11-08, 12:44)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Another request:

Can the "main" model always be the first in the row of submodels in both part bins and modellist

Now models is sorted alphabetically by name and "main" is somewhere betweed L and N.
Building a model that has named submodels it can be hard to find Main.

Lately I just name my submodels "submodel-1, 2, 3" ect. like LDCad suggests when creating a submodel, but when it comes to further process the model file in LPub3D it is far more conveinient to have named submodels.

I know Ctrl-end activates the main model, but when using external files this does not work.

Hope you know what I mean?

Hi Jaco,

one possible approach is to name of the sub-models with some form of numeric prefix. I put a two-part numeric prefix as part of my models' name and my main model is always numbered 0. For example;


This allows me to control the sequence and group "like" sub-models together. Where a sub-model is formed by a group of other smaller sub-models, I name the top of the sub-model group with a "-00-" (e.g. 010-00-foundation) and the smaller related sub-models in increments of 10 (e.g. 010-10-foundation_01). I use increments of 10 for the sub-models as it provides an allowance in the numbering if a sub-model is subsequently split (e.g. I can add sub-models with prefixes of 010-12- and 010-14 without requiring any renumbering).



I further advocate to return to 8.3 filenames.

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