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(2016-08-11, 17:26)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-08-11, 12:56)Art Wrote: Hi Everybody. I'm realy like LDcad and it's almost suitable for my needs. But is there a way to create arrows in LDcad 1.6 like in MLcad or better? Or maybe I can convert "LDcad permanent marker meta " into arrows which can be understood by LPub?

I have considered adding an arrow generator in much the same way there are now path and spring generators but other features got priority.

In the meantime you can use a collection of unofficial parts for this as most arrows would be the same anyway. These can be arrows generated by e.g. MLCad or hand draw your self (using the basic LDraw format isn't that hard). Only requirement from LDCad's point of view would be to make sure those files are standalone parts  (so one arrow per file). Using 1.6 you can always embed those files into a mpd later on.

I still might add an arrow generator to 1.6 (>=beta 2) as it is an low impact feature. But nothing is set in stone Smile
Thank You Roland for your reply and your great job. So I'll be waiting for this future. Hope it'll be not long in coming. Smile
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