LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
Willy Tschager Wrote:Add the shortkey information to the status bar messages. Example, when hovering over the 2D/3D
Great suggestion, I'll add this asap.

Willy Tschager Wrote:Add a menu with the list of the shortkeys without the need to check them online
The 1.6 version has a hotkey configuration dialog it also shows the current bindings. I was also planning to add an option to generate a html overview. Mostly so I can copy paste it in my own documentation website without having to double check everything each time I add something to the program Smile

Willy Tschager Wrote:A setting to get rid off the "Getting started" dialog or at least add a "Clear screen" to it where I do not get any further dialog.
I could add this but why would you want that? the dialog goes away as soon you open a (new) file no matter how you do that.

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:I want to search any/all bins after a partnumber? Or is that only me, being a part author, knowing to many partnumbers?
This is already possible but disabled by default, as searching the name meta would pollute searching on e.g. stud counts which most people do. You enable it by opening the advanced search dialog (click the filter text rectangle), over there check the 'name' item in the 'match on' panel. You probably also want to click the 'apply to all' and 'set as default' in the options menu (right bottom) afterwards.

Magnus Forsberg Wrote:Would it be possible to rotate the part in the bins? I want to see the pattern/sticker sometimes placed on the backside of the part.
This is also already possible, hold the ctrl key down while clicking a bin cell it then acts like the trackball rotation in the main editor.
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