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Merlijn Wissink Wrote:LDCad's own GUI system indeed looks not very slick. To be honest, when I was still using SR3D Builder a long time ago, I was a little hestitant to try LDCad, because it looked so strange on the screenshots. Wink
I know this seems to be a problem for some people, but to be honest I don't really understand it as the gui isn't that much different layout wise.

I bet if Apple came out with that old school 90s look everybody would declare it groundbreaking Smile But to be serious the current state of the gui is mostly the result of me not being an artist and a bit lazy as it is very time consuming to draw gui stuff using OpenGL.

If anyone has some ideas on how to improve things without the need to fully rewrite the rendering of those panels etc (e.g. by color/icon tweaks etc) I'm open for any suggestions.

Merlijn Wissink Wrote:My point is, I have no problems at all with the GUI and it works wonderful, but I can imagine it might 'scare' users off.
In my opinion, something that would be really cool would be something like Microsoft's Ribbon Interface like in their Office applications, also a bit like Autodesk implements in their 3D software.
But, changing the gui is (again, in my opinion of course) far not as important as new features (or bug fixes). Because, well, it works perfectly fine as it is now. Smile
I do want to add a better toolbar at some point but it indeed isn't high prio at the moment.
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