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OK, and why didn't you add snapping for those parts, already?
My experience: it's so easy that it's usually easier to create such snapping info than to put the part at the correct place manually. Since I found that, I never place parts without snapping. You only need a small preparation work at the first time. Next times, it's an easy operation in LDCad.

Full howto is in one of older LDCad threads, just shortly:

a. go to your LDCad folder (use your filemanager), to shadow/ subdir and unzip the offlibShadow.csl file. You may need to rename it to .zip first
b. start LDCad, set shadow parameter of your LDraw dir to the directory instead of .csl file (Prefs->LDraw)
c. restart LDCad and allow "shadow editing" feature: "Prefs" -> "Editing" -> "Part editing" -> "Part (shadow) editing"

Since now, everything is easy. Each part in the part bin has an edit icon. Click on it and edit shadow info: in the part bin, go to "main group" -> "Special parts" -> "LDCad snap meta items", take the snapping object you want (usually a cylinder but in the case described above, use a sphere), put it at the correct place and press a middle button to open preferences window. There, fill in all properties you need (at least male/female and size).

Go back to the main model and test it. When you are OK with it, go to the model/window with the part and save it. And then, send new shadow files here, as we do.
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