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Quote:One thing I still miss from time to time: possibility to remove a part from a group. I admit it's not obvious GUI-wise since when you click on a part to select group this part has no special highlighting (or role)...
I have been thinking about using the source window to display the contents of a group. You would also be able to edit move things around in such a setup. Not sure if it will be in 1.6 though as I want to prevent the long dev cycle 1.5 had Smile

Quote:It would be even better if there was something like a nested mode for groups - so we can even move parts.
This becomes possible when I add the planned layered groups feature. Which means you can also (temporary) disable all grouping (layer level 0).

Using this feature you can have multiple group configurations in the same file. That way groups needed for a certain animation won't hamper normal editing and or other animations using the same model etc.
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