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Milan Vančura Wrote:This reminds me a feature I wish so long time I forgot to ask Smile
Roland, please, can you add a slider to set selection or group opacity/transparency?
To be able to create pictures or videos similar to this image.

And, a following feature request: to be able to set a temporary color for a/each group and to be able to save such setting and turn it on and off as needed. I mean: to build whole model as usual but, when needed, to be able to switch to this kind of view.
This might become, partly, possible using scripts too. You can already experiment with it in 1.5 using the animation scripts. Short example:

function register()

  local ani=ldc.animation('test')
  ani:setEvent('frame', 'onFrame')

function onFrame()

  local sf=ldc.subfile()
  local grp=sf:getGroup('Group 1')
  local ani=ldc.animation.getCurrent()
  local col=ani:getFrameTime()


This will change the color of 'group 1' to the playback second's color number.

While pausing the animation you can export the OpenGL rendering (and thus the model in alternative colors).
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