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Quote:This might be a bug, I'll have to check. It should show a thin white/blue line for the remaining unused space.
I do see a red/white line when I pull too far, but if the part is shorter that its defined length there is no "remaining unused space" - so I see no white/blue line.
I also tried with a closed rubber band, and if the length is shorter than defined there is also some folding on itself at band seam.

Speaking of rubber bands, maybe it should be interesting to make length tolerance assymetrical: a rubber band can't be shorter than its unextended length, but can be stretched up to say 100%.

(edit): Still about rubber bands, I find it a bit annoying that LDCad only shows theoretical length, not actual one.
A related question, is there an easy way to get the length of a flexible part while editing it in nested mode? Ideally in real time, but dhowing lengh when idle would be already nice, currently I found no other way than going back to normal editing mode.
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