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Merlijn Wissink Wrote:Aside from that, the 'current' buffer exchange is somehwat limited. I've had some annoying experiences with it in the past because it works not very intuitive (although that might also have to do with MLCad, I can't work very well with MLCad) and it's missing some features I'd really like. But, I suppose this is not the place to develop a new syntax Wink
I hope it is Smile Or, better said, even this is too much for LDCad 1.6, we shall discuss this anyway, for future. It's the best time, I believe, because there is a maintainer of LPub again, after several years, so we have a partner for discussions.

Buffer exchange works for immediate replacements of everything from this step. But, sometimes, the situation is more complicated. Especially with Technic models instructions. Look at this example, steps 45-48. There is a submodel containing some (long) pins and a bendable front part, now straight. After this submodel is attached to the main model there is a step with arrows showing how to push those long pins, then another step showing pins in the new location and the front part of the (sub)model bent to the new angle and soft axles bent as well, connected with that front part.

This is near to impossible to create with bufferexchange commands because they are too "heavy" - they force you to replace everything or nothing, they can't work with parts of submodels in the main model etc. It's like an attempt to fix your watches with a jackhammer. I believe we need more subtle and precise commands.
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