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Milan Vančura Wrote:* support of buffer exchange and arrows editing: to be able to add and edit arrows in 3D model space - in a way LPub understands them so we can create instructions like this. More comfortable GUI than it is in MLCAD would be highly appreciated Smile (Maybe agree with LPub3D maintainer on a new syntax, too?)

Please, does anybody have an idea how GUI for this should look? Video not needed Smile but at least some ideas. I though about something like a feature of more parallel groups of hidden parts and a subwindow with a list of them and a chance to give them names (like "front wheels assembly" in the example above). But now, I feel this is not enough for all kinds of usage. Like, for example, modern Technic instructions putting some part to the temporary position in the model at first and move/rotate it to the final position several steps later.

What would be the best GUI to handle this in LDCad? (Second question is a cooperation with LPub but let's concentrate on the first one.)
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