LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans

Re: LDCad 1.6 suggestions/plans
Hello Roland.

I've summarized what we have already discussed in (several) different threads:

* to be able to select a snap point (of any brick in the model) as the origin of coordinates
* for each brick (or brick group or submodel): to be able to select one of its snap points as the brick center
NOTE: I know we define snap objects, not points. That's a question how to deal with this. The idea behind is: to be able to select one antistud in the model, one stud on the brick and then connect them with a 'C' key. Another usage: mark a hinge snap point as the coordinates origin to be able to rotate the brick (or brick group or submodel) around this point.

* snapping while rotation: while turning the brick, adjust the rotation angle to snap (do not move the brick, only rotate) - useful for triangles etc.

* snapping for templates - for example Hose Rigid 3mm snapping with Clips or Minifig Hands, regardless how it is bent

* to be able to activate and deactivate 'used' snap objects. The idea is to select only from free studs (etc.) when putting new brick to the model. However, some snap objects are bigger and more bricks may be snapped on it, for example Technic Axle. That's why user needs to be able to activate and deactivate this limitation.

* support of buffer exchange and arrows editing: to be able to add and edit arrows in 3D model space - in a way LPub understands them so we can create instructions like this. More comfortable GUI than it is in MLCAD would be highly appreciated Smile (Maybe agree with LPub3D maintainer on a new syntax, too?)

* grid step lesser than 1 - good for part (EDIT: snap data) editing
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