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(2018-06-06, 15:30)hazydavy Wrote: I have recently bought the Lego Roller Coaster and I would like to build a bigger one, so I've been following the latest new parts with interest. I thought I would have a go at compiling one of the other rail pieces. I have spoken to Willy and he suggested putting my file on this thread so you guys could tell me if I am going in the right direction. It is the long straight rail section 25059. I imagine Gerald is already on to this, but I thought it was a good one to start learning with. As Gerald said the centre sections are at a different angle and the centre strut has a slightly longer flat facet, so two S files were needed. The end sections and first strut are the same as the short one. It is not complete as I have not got my head around Condlines. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Hi hazydavy,
Welcome here, and big apologies for missing your post! Yes, your part looks good. As for the condlines, if you used LDPE, it is not that complicated. On each subfile and main file, run Edger2 (Tools -> Edger2 -> option Exclude unmatched edges -> OK). That should do the trick.
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