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Full Version: Gerald's Parts and Pieces Thread
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I will use this thread to post my own requests and use it also to provide supporting material for others.

I am starting with Emmet's head in Foil (3626cp8f.dat)

Finally it turned up!
After countless tries to get the head rolling smoothly on the scanner I have to following two pictures that got pretty well:



You can see that there is an area on the side where there is no "aluminium foil"
This means the file on PT needs to be reworked...
How have you done the "rolling on scanner"?

I put 5 heads together to get a stable, round stick.

I use a book with a wide back to move the stick of heads, doing it by hand does not give a stable enough speed.

Then I tried several resolutions, but finally I did scan with 400 DPI which gave me a decent speed that I could follow without too many hickups...

...must have looked a bit funny...
Interesting (and funny!) method...
Interesting pictures, but I would rather have some photos of frontside and backside.
These are not useable in LPC. Or, have you seen any good ones on the interweb?
I think I have to recreate the silver pattern. The current part is totally wrong.
I can do some more pictures of the head, will try to upload them before Christmas!
Here's a rough sketch of this fairly recent 2015 part, I have not seen anybody working on it, please tell me if you do so.
No work on this part here!
BTW, any news about 20310?
I have a few days off now, I found also some problems in the geometry of my model, so time to finish 20310 :-)
The part does not exist without patterns at the moment.

I uploaded the 18675.dat without patterns and broke it down to a parent without top (s00) and two sub-files for the rim, s01 which is 1/8 without the handle and s02 with half of the handle.

If I would use the same base for s01 and s02 I would need another subfile as s01 needs different edge lines, any opinion?

Origin: I think it should sit at the 0 plane? Or shall it be touching the 0 plane with its top?
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