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Full Version: Gerald's Parts and Pieces Thread
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Do you think you, or your son, can find him again? Or has Emmet found an even better disguise?
Emmet turned up! He was where he should have been, in the box labelled "LDRAW"

Here are the additional pictures
I am working on that part now to complement the cover.

Now to the origins. The base part has basically three main origins
The Handle where the Minifig can grab it
The Studs where the it basically should be according to the rules.
The Pivot Point of the book cover.


In my opinion the best (for the base) would be the middle of the handle, what do you think?
For the cover still the pivot point, plus a !HELP line to align it. This origin would also help when turning the cover open.
I's indeed put origins in the middle of each part cylinder...
I started this part actually a (long) while ago, without LDPE. Now I added the finishing touches in LDPE uploaded it again and while reviewing Magnus pointed out that it is not withing the system, i.e. the radius of the full circle center line is 151 LDU, to be precise it is 150,826834 LDU.

Now there is a second Part, 32016, using the same angle, but joined with axles.

I first built the full circle with LDCad's auto-snapping and I ended up with the same discrepancy, a circle with a radius of 150,82.

Using real parts, I got only two of 87745 but enough 32016, a semicircle fits neatly without force into Technic holes spaced 300 LDU (15 holes) apart.

Here's a picture of 87745 and 32016 on top of each other, a perfect match:

And here's an overlay of a circle (4-4edge) with a radius of 150 LDU over 32016:

You can see the problem there, the vertex of the 1/16th section does not meet the end of the part...

Now what to do? Changing 32016 would break existing models, no good IMHO. I would opt to make 87745 fit the 32016 as both can be interchanged...

What's your opinion?
There is no reason for the circle diameter to be "on system". Distance between middle hole and connector end is exactly 30ldu, angle is exactly 22.5°. This gives a radius of 30/sin(11.25)=153.775 ldu (not 150,82 - and not 150 either). LDCad completely agree as you can see on this snapshot.
And the fact that 8 pieces IRL fit nicely in a 15L beam (300 ldu) is down to the play in the parts. Right?
I think so. 8 pieces need about 17 connexions, each with its own play...
Oh, this Selection Info is really cool stuff!

Yes, the holes are a bit further out from the center.

The radius I calculated is from the center of the 2L axle, respectively the Technic Pin connecting the elements. If I select opposing axles or pins I get a distance of 301.64 LDU

As Magnus wrote, the play of the parts will play a role that it will fit the 300 distance.

So I keep it as is

Thanks for your input!
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