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Re: New Parts for LGEO Library
Hello Damien,

I'm a long time admirer of your incredible renders and I'm so grateful you decided to share your library of Hires parts.

There's some feedback from what you've released so far.

First of all, your parts are really great and I managed to include them in my library quite easily.

These are the few errors I encountered while rendering each of them:


-122c01 - Plate 2 x 2 with Red Wheels
-122c02 - Plate 2 x 2 with White Wheels

For these, I had an undeclared material error on PovRay for LDXcolor383 in the 122c01/02 file.
After investigation, the Ldraw u9132c01/02.dat subfiles for these parts use color 494 for the axle, so when translated to Povray, 494 is declared, not 383.
Workaround 1: Edit the u9132c01/02 subfile in Ldraw and change color of the axle from 494 to 383.
Workaround 2: Edit the 122c01/ file and change "LDXcolor383" material to "LDXcolor494"


-556 - Fabuland Shovel

Not really an error here but it seems that your object is a bit longer than the Ldraw file.


-2609a - Magnet Holder Tile 2 x 2 with Short Arms

The file refers to 2609a in the STL library. The 2609a file is not present in the STL folder you released.
workaround: In the file, I replaced the 2609a reference by 2609 , that is in the STL folder. It works fine now.


-2683 - Monorail Motor Case
-2684c01 - Monorail Motor (Complete)

The requires the "" subfile, not released yet in your LGEO parts. So not really an error but just a missing file.


-973p66 - Minifig Torso with Spyrius Pattern

No reference for this LGEO part in the "LGEO.xml" file of yours.
I manually edited the LGEO.xml file to translate the part into Povray.

Except those minor issues, no problem encountered with the 186 other parts released so far.

Thanks again for sharing your extensive work on those parts.

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