Batman Minifigure with Jetpack

Batman Minifigure with Jetpack
Hi there,

Following a few sales of my Star Wars Minifigures 3D collection on TurboSquid, I'm now working on a Batman model. The model is based on the minifigure featured in set 6858.

Using the following Flickr photos as a reference...

....I've modeled and rendered the following images:

The only missing parts on the model are:
1) The grey "cap" piece on the top of the jetpack - this is referenced as part 4655241 in the Lego instructions.
2) The "batman claw" - referenced as part 4636105

Is anyone working on these?

I've also created some other resources based on this model:

You can find a copy of the LDraw file here:

You can find the Star Wars Minifigures here:

Bye for now


Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:
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