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Full Version: Batman Minifigure with Jetpack
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Hi there,

Following a few sales of my Star Wars Minifigures 3D collection on TurboSquid, I'm now working on a Batman model. The model is based on the minifigure featured in set 6858.

Using the following Flickr photos as a reference...

....I've modeled and rendered the following images:

The only missing parts on the model are:
1) The grey "cap" piece on the top of the jetpack - this is referenced as part 4655241 in the Lego instructions.
2) The "batman claw" - referenced as part 4636105

Is anyone working on these?

I've also created some other resources based on this model:

You can find a copy of the LDraw file here:

You can find the Star Wars Minifigures here:

Bye for now


Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:
The 'Batman claw' looks like the Prince of Persia claw 88811 which is definitely an official or unofficial part as I have it and didn't make it myself Smile

Yes it is.
And I have made the other one. It is the official file, Tile 1x1 Round, 98138.

If you want it I could start working on Catwoman mask tomorrow...

/ Magnus
Yeah, Catwoman mask would be awesome!

I noticed some other Batman themed parts on the Parts Tracker, such as:
Harley Quinn's Jester Hat
Penguin's head

I'm sure I found Two-face's hair as well??

How about Catwoman's Purple Motorcycle?

Bye for now

It's been done.

Could we get Nils or Damien to make the catsuit an face?

maybe the attached file helps making the catsuit. It is autogenerated and needs to be cleaned/scaled.

Thanks Nils. Strangely enough I'd just found that file as well after reviewing this page:


Bye for now

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the Pengiun and Poison Ivy files. I've created a render of Pengiun and I've also put together a Catwoman DAT file. For more information see the following links:

NOTE: For Catwoman's face I've used part 3626bp08.dat, which is actually the minifig head for Princess Leia - but I thought it looked quite good.

Bye for now

Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:
I just tried to use this model, but I get an error saying that I'm missing some dat Files (55704, 98722, 973PB0). Does anyone know where some of these extra parts can be found. I tried downloading the unoffical parts as well but these weren't in there so I'm at a loss on where to find these parts. I just started using LDraw, was hoping to use it to start creating some Lego Art pieces just for fun (exporting them to blender and then rendering them to be a bit cleaner/cartoony). Thanks.
Is your official parts library up-to-date?

55704 has been in the official library since update 2012-01
973pb0 has been in the official library since update 2011-02
98722 is still unofficial - see here, but note that you'll also have to install its subpart (98722s01) in the parts/s/ folder. Please remember that unofficial parts may be incomplete, or inaccurate, and it is possible that when they are officially released they may be changed in ways that could mess up any model you use them in.