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Batman Minifigure with Jetpack - Reuben Pearse - 2012-04-19

Hi there,

Following a few sales of my Star Wars Minifigures 3D collection on TurboSquid, I'm now working on a Batman model. The model is based on the minifigure featured in set 6858.

Using the following Flickr photos as a reference...

....I've modeled and rendered the following images:

The only missing parts on the model are:
1) The grey "cap" piece on the top of the jetpack - this is referenced as part 4655241 in the Lego instructions.
2) The "batman claw" - referenced as part 4636105

Is anyone working on these?

I've also created some other resources based on this model:

You can find a copy of the LDraw file here:

You can find the Star Wars Minifigures here:

Bye for now


Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:

Re: Batman Minifigure with Jetpack - Tim Gould - 2012-04-19

The 'Batman claw' looks like the Prince of Persia claw 88811 which is definitely an official or unofficial part as I have it and didn't make it myself Smile


Re: Batman Minifigure with Jetpack - Magnus Forsberg - 2012-04-19

Yes it is.
And I have made the other one. It is the official file, Tile 1x1 Round, 98138.

If you want it I could start working on Catwoman mask tomorrow...

/ Magnus

Re: Batman Minifigure with Jetpack - Reuben Pearse - 2012-04-20

Yeah, Catwoman mask would be awesome!

I noticed some other Batman themed parts on the Parts Tracker, such as:
Harley Quinn's Jester Hat
Penguin's head

I'm sure I found Two-face's hair as well??

How about Catwoman's Purple Motorcycle?

Bye for now


Re: Batman Minifigure with Jetpack - Magnus Forsberg - 2012-04-21

It's been done.

Could we get Nils or Damien to make the catsuit an face?

Catsuit - Rolf Osterthun - 2012-04-21


maybe the attached file helps making the catsuit. It is autogenerated and needs to be cleaned/scaled.


Re: Catsuit - Nils Schmidt - 2012-05-03


Re: Catsuit - Reuben Pearse - 2012-05-03

Thanks Nils. Strangely enough I'd just found that file as well after reviewing this page:


Bye for now


Re: Batman Minifigure with Jetpack - Reuben Pearse - 2012-05-20

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the Pengiun and Poison Ivy files. I've created a render of Pengiun and I've also put together a Catwoman DAT file. For more information see the following links:

NOTE: For Catwoman's face I've used part 3626bp08.dat, which is actually the minifig head for Princess Leia - but I thought it looked quite good.

Bye for now

Download 3D Lego models and other resources from:

Re: Batman Minifigure with Jetpack - Sal Aldana - 2012-08-10

I just tried to use this model, but I get an error saying that I'm missing some dat Files (55704, 98722, 973PB0). Does anyone know where some of these extra parts can be found. I tried downloading the unoffical parts as well but these weren't in there so I'm at a loss on where to find these parts. I just started using LDraw, was hoping to use it to start creating some Lego Art pieces just for fun (exporting them to blender and then rendering them to be a bit cleaner/cartoony). Thanks.