Restore "Preserving the integrity of the LDraw name"

RE: Restore "Preserving the integrity of the LDraw name"
(2020-06-30, 13:50)Orion Pobursky Wrote: They're back.

I'd like to have a discussion about why these 13 fairly wordy and toothless paragraphs are needed. I feel that the best way to improve our "brand" is to ensure the our core documents and specs are the best they can be to attract more developers and authors. Right now I can't even drum up enough interest to do simple document revisions. Even the new documents I've proposed are simply consolidation of text from other parts of the website.

So sure, lets have those two documents. I'm fine with that. But they need to be combined and rewritten. At the moment, I'd rather focus on completing the other document revisions that are outstanding.

I would reduce the number of paragraphs here, so that we end up with:
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