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(2022-03-24, 17:02)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: As you said, this has been discussed before and we all agree on those three being the same shade of coloured plastic.
Best illustration is in Ryan's timeline of colours here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/126975831@N07/15801189140

Okay, makes sense about timeline, but I can't agree those are same shade. There are two shades of original 131 Silver, one used by the ABS parts, and another one by parts made of softer plastic (like minifigure weapons), and first looks similar to Cool Silver, while second to Silver Metallic.

By the way wouldn't it be better to rename Flip-flop Silver into something that is not "Flat Silver"? It is a bit confusing for very unique pearl color to be named same way with the another one, that is pretty normal pearl, and also minding it's the name BL uses for Silver Metallic/some parts of 131 Silver.

Also, I think inclusion of Flip-flop Red and Flip-flop Yellow would be good.
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