LDCAD - increase views for parts bins?

RE: LDCAD - increase views for parts bins?
(2019-07-23, 8:31)David Manley Wrote: Is there any way to increase the number of views for the parts bin in LDCAD? There are currently six views but I could do with more! I tend to find I have 3 or 4 set to some fairly common categories (technic, plates, bricks, tiles) but then use the other two for everything else (e.g. slopes, brackets, hinges, search, model content).

This is currently hard coded, but I do plan to have it configurable in 2.0 as the GUI rendering code of that version is way more dynamic.

In the meantime I would take up Magnus' suggestion of opening a second part bin. I would reduce the color bin's space move the source window to the right and put the default bin back

As that's the configuration I usually use Big Grin

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