How to add/update latest parts in LDCad?

RE: How to add/update latest parts in LDCad?
Hi all,

After some digging around I found out how to make this work. Perhaps it is not new to people with experience, but I'm sharing my solution just so it helps to other newbies like me if they want to add new parts to their library.

The instructions above by Roland are very helpful, the most important thing is setting the paths of the Unofficial parts to the correct place.
 - Official library is set to d:\programs\LDraw\Parts\
 - Unofficial library is set to d:\programs\LDraw\Parts\Unofficial\

Very important is that in the first folder (d:\programs\LDraw\Parts\) I have these two subfolders, that actually contain all the parts: "parts" and "p":

By default the Unofficial folder has its own sub-folder "parts"

Now why I was only getting the subparts and not the whole part. I opened the .dat file ("d:\programs\LDraw\Parts\Unofficial\Parts\23801.dat") and saw that it was referring to other .dat files, but they were not present in the Unofficial path, so I copied the "p" folder from Official library path into the Unofficial path, so we now have these auxiliary parts in the unofficial library:

Then I saw that one part was referring to a subfolder "s" - "s\23801s01.dat", which again was not present in the unofficial path. So i copied the subfolder "s" from the Official path and placed it into it's corresponding place in the unofficial path:
D:\Programs\LDraw\Parts\parts\s    ->    D:\Programs\LDraw\Parts\Unofficial\Parts\s

And made sure that the file that was copied to this "s" folder - D:\Programs\LDraw\Parts\Unofficial\Parts\s\23801s01.dat

Of course this was all written in the parts tracker page, but I didn't figure out the fact that these folders need to be created in the Unofficial path as well, and thought they need to be in the Official folder "s" and "p", which by the way messed some things with the snapping. Bottom-line is don't put anything in the official library folders, everything related with unofficial parts should be in the Unofficial folder, including the folders "p" and "s".

The part is now complete and can be used in my model. 
And of course thanks again for Roland for the support and for Philo for the part! Cheers!
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